Negima! Vol 19 (Ch 176) *SPOILERS*

Summary: Asuna approaches the headmaster and gets approval to form a new club, with the temporary name of Negima, and with the cover of studying British culture. Members include Ku Fei, Setsuna, Asuna, Konoka, Negi (as the teacher adviser), Kotaro, Kaede, Nodoka, Paru, Yue, Chisame (though she protests she’s not), Chachamaru, Asakura, and Sayo. The group all agree they need more training and since the departure date for Great Britain by the club is in two weeks, Eva feels they can get 3 to 4-months of additional training in the resorts.

Negi plans to visit the capital of the magic world, Megalomesembria to gather information about his father, and maybe a little local sight seeing. Eva feels that they should be safe if they aren’t planning to leave the capital and so won’t need her hardcore training. She encourages them to enjoy their trip and the group decides to train anyway.

The Negima Club’s plans are overheard by Fuma and Fumika who attempt to depart in ninja fashion, as taught them by Kaede, but their presence was noticed by Eva.

Ayaka meets up with Asuna and she has the results of the investigation of the Yukihiro Group that Asuna wanted. Ayaka can verify that Negi’s father Nagi did in fact disappear 10-years ago. His last known place was Istanbul, Turkey, which surprises Asuna. Ayaka asks what Asuna’s next move will be now that she has this information. Ayaka states that for Negi-sensei, she’d start a world-wide search with 10’s of thousands of searchers. Asuna turns that down and promises to pass on any information they learn of Nagi’s whereabouts.

Makie, Fuka, and Fumika arrive with Makie upset about learning of the newly formed Negima Club and their trip to England. Ayaka is angry about being left out once she learns the facts, so Asuna has to come up with a cover story since she can’t tell them they are going to the magic country. She says that they are going to a special place in England and they had to train to do things like rock climbing, thus only those trained can go. Ayaka won’t accept the excuse and attempts to take back the papers she gave Asuna. Asuna is amazed at how slow Ayaka is and Ayaka is amazed at how fast Asuna now is.

Ayaka orders Makie to capture Asuna using her gymnastic ribbon but Asuna is to fast for them. As Eva quietly observes, Ayaka, Makie, Fuka, and Fumika attempt to get Asuna, but fail. Asuna makes her escape and Eva decides to get involved, confirming that special training is required to go on the trip. Since Eva is the official honorary adviser to Negima, something that stuns the other girls, she decides to give them a chance to tryout for Negima. Yuuna, Ako, and Akira arrive, wondering what the fuss is about (they, dressed in yukatas for the Summer Festival). Eva tells them about the new club and they decide to try to pass Eva’s club entry test to go to England. That test will require these other girls to take a small badge that the Negima members will all be wearing at the festival.

Yuuna, Ako, Akira, and Makie plot a way to grab some badges. They look over the list and marvel at the strength of some of the girls on the list like Ku Fei, Setsuna, and others that were in the martial arts tournament at the recent school festival. They spot Ku Fei who’s indeed sporting a badge, but decide to pass on her in favor of weaker targets — Yue and Nodoka. Yuuna produces a couple of magic guns she used in the school festival when they had that “game” battle against the robot army and the four go off to get Yue and Nodoka.

Thoughts: Eva is wicked indeed. She likes being cruel, but there is a method to her actions. If the Negima girls can’t protect their badges, they don’t deserve to go to the magic country. They’ll need to keep their wits about them, and what better way to test the girls of Negima than by having another group of determined girls go after them. Call it real-life training.

As to Yuuna’s guns, I wonder how she was able to keep them after the school festival.

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2 Responses to “Negima! Vol 19 (Ch 176) *SPOILERS*”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wasn’t Yuna’s guns her own? She didn’t get that from the festival. If the guns was from the festival, it shouldn’t work anymore without the magic from the tree, right? But it if was, then she must have been able to keep it through certain events. Maybe her dad. =)

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I’d have to go back and re-read the chapters where Yuuna participated in the battles. I was thinking that the guns she had were similar to the ones others had, which apparently were powered by the World Tree.

    Still, her having the guns and assuming they actually still work would mean to me that Yuuna must be powering them.

    Whew. I need to get some more chapters posted. ^_^;

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