Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight 34

Lord of Lords Ryu Knight Episode 34

SPOILER Summary: The group arrives at the village of Asir, where Derringer’s Spirit Stone is supposed to reside. The town appears abandoned and as Katze explores, she’s ambushed by three kids who steal one of her guns. She pursues them, firing her other gun to frighten them. One of the kids, named Shinderu, collapses, causing his two friends to stop to help him. Since “shinderu” means “to be dead” in Japanese, Katze thinks she’s killed the kid. The others arrive to prevent the kids from escaping and take the gun from Shinderu.

The kids explain their situation. All the adults have left to find food, but the local forest is pretty barren. They stole the gun in hopes of going after a rumored treasure in the nearby mountain. Hittel suspects it is the Spirit Stone for Derringer. So they give the kids some food and offer to help them find the treasure, promising them a share of it. Katze decides she wants all the treasure for herself, so she sneaks away from the group’s camp, steals the Derringer card from Hittel, and goes off to find the kids. She tells them the others are going to steal the treasure and that their kindness is just fake. As such, they agree to help her providing the treasure is divided equally, which Katze agrees to but has no intention of actually doing.

As Katze and the kids head into the cave in the mountain, Hittel wakes up and finds Katze gone. He awakens Adeu and the two go off to find her. They come to the cave just in time to find Katze and the kids under attack from some slime creatures. Katze manages to shoot them all, but some giant scorpion-like monsters emerge. Adeu and Hittel fight these and Katze takes the opportunity to leave them to fight while she goes after the treasure. She and the kids find a jungle-like opening in the cave and are soon set upon by man-eating plants. As the kids cry for help, she summons Ryu Gunner Derringer, but is not able to do much. Adeu and Hittel arrive again and fight off the plants, again giving Katze and the kids a window of escape.

Continuing into the cave, they come upon a lava lake with a bridge to a special island that surely holds the treasure. However, a lava monster attacks and Katze again has to summon Derringer. The kids offer to be decoys and allow her to get the treasure so they can get back and split it. Again, she plans to ditch the kids but once she has the treasure box, things go bad for the kids and they know they are about to die. They try to get Katze to leave and give their share of the treasure to their parents. Katze finds herself hesitating and decides to fight, throwing the treasure chest at the lava monster to try to save the kids.

Adeu and Hittel arrive, and Adeu summons Ryu Knight Zephyr while Hittel joins Katze within Derringer. Adeu slices at the monster and cuts open the treasure chest, which reveals not only treasure, but the Spirit Stone for Derringer. Hittel, controlling Derringer, grabs the Spirit Stone (Rifle) and uses its power to dispatch the lava monster. It also blasts a hole in the roof of the cave, providing them an easy exit. Outside, Katze ponders her actions while the kids report they were able to recover all the treasure. The rest of the group arrives, but Adeu and Hittel cover for Katze’s greed, saying she was only doing what a Ryu rider should — help people.

Thoughts: This was a clichéd pile of crap if I ever I saw one. I really hate the whole, “I’m so obsessed with a treasure that I don’t give a rats rear about anything else.” That’s so clichéd. Then the change of heart and do the right thing is so clichéd. Ugh. Maybe Katze will die in the series, but I suppose that’s a pipe dream.

Weird how there were only three children left in the village when all of the adults left to find food. One would think that the parents would take the kids with them. Also, glad to know the kids were such good guides to a treasure room they’d never been to.

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