Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight 35

Lord of Lords Ryu Knight Episode 35

SPOILER Summary:

 In the flying base, Idoro casts a summoning spell to pull evil energy for Galden to absorb. Elsewhere, Izumi has a dream that his shishou (master) is calling him. He awakens to seen an energy globe outside the window of the building they are staying in and knows he is being summoned by his shishou. He quickly leaves, taking Adeu’s gallop, leading Adeu, Paffy, and Sarutobi to follow, leaving Katze behind (Hittel, Gesshin, and Gratches are absent, off somewhere unknown).

The group arrives at Mt. Tarnia, where according to Izumi, the Nadja Temple is supposed to reside. They proceed up stairs on the mountain (following the energy globe) and come to a grand entry way to the inside of the mountain with two guardian statues outside. Passing through, they hear the sounds of gears moving underground and exit into a courtyard that’s a crystal garden. The ground turns to sand and it is as if an antlion has them trapped. Izumi casts a blessing which allows him to escape and he provides a means for the others to escape the trap as well. Izumi warns them that they should leave, but they won’t with Paffy reminding him that their combined strength is what got them through rough spots before.

They enter the next entrance and find a courtyard with the cleric symbol in the middles, surrounded by obelisks (ala the movie 2001). These begin circling rapidly, causing the group to summon their Ryu units to destroy the rocks being hurled their way. Izumi raises a barrier while Adeu destroys the obelisks. They move on and climb more stairs to the next place, where the actual Nadja Temple appears. A giant guardian emerges, issues a warning, and begins beating on the group, using its flames to scorch them. Adeu summons Ryu Paladin Lord Zephyr and holds off the guardian while Izumi attempts to enter the temple. However, a second guardian appears and things are looking bad for the group. The guardians keep issuing warnings about trespassing which finally Izumi understands and issuing a prayer to the fire god, the guardians accept the group and allow them to pass.

Entering the temple, a giant painting of the god of Time and Law, Zed, is over an open casket, wherein lies the body of Shishou. The energy globe again appears, and it tells Izumi that he is worthy to have the Spirit Stone, having passed the tests. Izumi protests that he did so with the aide of his friends, but Shishou’s spirit tells him that all of them will be needed as the 1000-year period is nearly up and Earth Tear will be in danger.

Back on the flying base, Idoro has Dark Knight Steru take Yamikaze and use its power to regenerate itself before it absorbs the ninja Spirit Stone into itself. As Galden also awakens, the towering sword that pieces the ground and forms the barrier for Earth Tear begins to glow red. This is seen by the group in the temple, who know dark days are ahead.


Well, I think that’s all the Spirit Stones for the group. Oh wait. Gratches doesn’t have one yet. Hmmmm. Only Sarutobi has been robbed of his thus far, but I would suspect that others will be taken before all is said and done. I predict that Adeu will gain some new attack in the future. I predict that Paffy will finally master her Spirit Stone. I predict that Paffy and Adeu will be hinted to be a couple at the end. End of line.

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