Negima!? 20

ネギま!? Episode 20

SPOILER Summary: Eva, Chachamaru, and Takahata-sensei meet to discuss events when Eva leaves with a headache. While other girls are doing various other things, Eva returns, only now she’s a giant who appears to not feel so good. Asuna, who’s been goofing around in the Black Rose Baron gear, saves Negi from being crushed underfoot. Eva climbs the school building to sleep on the roof and the others worry about what to do. That seems to become more urgent when the building shows repeated signs of collapse.

The girls have a pointless meeting until Nodoka suggests using her artifact. Negi lucks out and pulls the Armor Card so Nodoka can actually be useful. Unfortunately, the solution to Eva’s giant size seems to be to let her sleep it off. With the building in such bad shape, the Research Group has Negi in the Mechachupa unit, but of course that fails. So Chachamaru uses a Japanese flute to wake Eva up and get her to follow Chachamaru to safety. That evening, Eva returns to her normal child form.

Thoughts: Another boring and pointless episode. The jokes with Makie-san being worthless are so old and tired now. The animation and art took a nosedive big time here. During the group meeting, the girls just looked awful. The South Park parody after the end credits had me scratching my head. I was hoping for something funny, but it just seemed like a jab at South Park as if to say, “You are as funny as a suicide bombing.” I’m afraid that FUNimation is going to take a dive on this series because while at times it has very good moments, there are way to many bad moments.

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