Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight 37

覇王大系リューナイト Episode 37
Lord of Lords Ryu Knight Episode 37

SPOILER Summary:

A powerful storm hits Earth Tear and while a religious group prays, Adeu and company flee to a cave from a massive tornado. After the storm passes, Isumi states that this is only the beginning, but that their main concern is going to have to be the Jya-ryuzoku who will continue to send their troops to invade Earth Tear. Since they come from another planet, they have large fleets of ships that send down capsules with Jya-ryuzoku to try to penetrate the Mystic Shield that surrounds Earth Tear. As Earth Tear’s two moons come closer together to mark the 1000-year cycle, the barrier will be weakest, but won’t completely disappear. However, there are thousands and thousands of Jya-ryuzoku trying to penetrate the Mystic Shield and while they’ve encountered a few, the low number is because so many die in the attempt.

This revalation adds to the groups urgent need to find Gratches’ Spirit Stone. On cue, one of Gratches’ people, Freg, arrives with news. Gratches’ people had been doing research to determine the location of the Spirit Stone and determined it to be located at a place known as Mechanized Country, where the Ryu units were originally constructed. However, this country was supposedly destroyed. There are also Warp Gates, which they believe will get them to the Mechanized Country faster.

After Sarutobi threatens to leave in order to pursue Galden, he’s convinced to stay and finds the Warp Gate that was closest on the map. The group plans to enter the gate, but three Jya-ryuzoku pods crash into the ground. A fourth also arrives but is destroyed on impact with the ground, killing the occupant. The leader of the Jya-ryuzoku, Toka, is stunned that only three of them managed to make it alive through the barrier. To honor their comrades, he decides they will immediately kill these Ryu riders.

The group all enter their units and the fight ensues. Naturally, the Ryu units are beaten back and in frustration, Adeu finally makes Zephyr take his Paladin form. This gets the attention of Toka, who recognizes the increased power of the Paladin form over the Knight form. The other Ryu units seem to draw a little strength from Zephyr and the group begin to take the advantage but injuring all of the Jya-ryuzoku, mainly using their Spirit Stone weapons.

Before the fight can be won, another larger vessel makes it through the barrier and crashes into the ground. A humanoid Jya-ryuzoku appears and the three dragonoid Jya-ryuzoku address him as “Rigel-sama.” He’s not happy with their not having already dispatched the Ryu riders. He summons his own mecha unit, which he identifies as a Doom unit. His unit is much more powerful and larger than the others, including Ryu Paladin Lord Zephyr. Then as punishment, Rigel slays the three Jya-ryuzoku. This stuns Adeu but Rigel is only concerned with completing the mission from his Emperor and Jya-ryuzoku who can’t fulfill their mission aren’t real Jya-ryuzoku.

He then mops the floor with the Ryu units and it is decided that they must flee. Adeu protests this despite the beating he’s taken but Sarutobi ensures he flees to the Warp Gate. Isumi uses a wind barrier to prevent Rigel from reaching the fleeing Ryu units while Paffy activates the gate. Isumi flees at the last moment and to prevent Rigel from entering the gate and following them, Sarutobi drops a bomb as the group is teleported out. The bomb destroys the gate but Rigel promises that it won’t take him long to find them.

At their destination, Sarutobi teases Adeu a bit over having shown his back to the enemy while Gratches vows to find his Spirit Stone.

Thoughts: Hmmm…so now there are more humanoid Jya-ryuzoku and they have mecha units that are even more powerful than the Ryu units. I’m guessing the writers decided the group of heroes needed more incentive to power themselves up. Considering how the preview for the next episode appears to have Galden working with the heroes again, maybe the writers needed a new humanoid villain.

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