Negima! Vol 20 (Ch 180) *SPOILERS*

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 20 Chapter 180

Thanks to AQS for the scans.

Summary: Anya is in the onsen with Yue and Nodoka and they ask if Anya has chosen a partner. She blushes and admits that she hasn’t picked a partner yet since one is supposed to do that carefully. Anya wonders if Negi has made Asuna his partner, but decides there’s no way he’d partner with such an airhead. Anya has decides that Asuna is an enemy because she has breasts and Anya has to save Negi from that. To her dismay, the large-breasted girls from the class arrive in the onsen, making Anya feel even more persecuted and desperate to save Negi from all these enemies. Anya decides she can for sure become friends with Yue and Nodoka due to their small chest size.

In a flashback, we see that Anya has gotten Negi into a forbidden spell archive and he’s doing hardcore studying. When someone comes, Anya has to get Negi to safety because he’s to engrossed in learning new spells that he doesn’t move himself. Anya wakes up and decides that they are going home immediately, but is not happy to see Negi snuggled up with Asuna sleeping. She punches him and Konoka explains that because Asuna reminds him of his oneechan, he snuggles with her. Anya concedes Asuna does resemble Nekane-oneechan but hurls some insults Asuna’s way.

Anya’s pressing the issue to get Negi to return causes Asuna to start to tell her about being Negi’s partner when Yue and Nodoka stop her. Chisame arrives with questions about her pactio card, but again they stop her from spilling the beans to preserve Anya’s thought that Negi has no partner yet. Paru sees an opportunity for mischief and is about to tell Anya everything but again, Nodoka and Yue stop her. With Anya continuing to insist that Negi return home, Konoka speculates that Anya actually likes Negi, which she strongly denies. While Anya is trying to explain herself to everyone, Konoka apparently calls Nekane and gets permission to come later, meaning Anya is forced to cool her jets.

Anya and Negi walk on the beach while the others play (Asakura carrying a doll of Sayo on her wrist) and Anya wants to make it clear that she’s not “liking” him despite all that was said earlier. She wonders about all the “oneechans” around and if he’s getting lovey with them, which he denies as they are his students.

With the added number of people from Ayaka’s group now there, the resort they are staying is pretty full and all the girls are having to sleep in a large common room with Negi. Konoka decides to have some fun by announcing that Negi likes to sleep with an oneechan and hug them while he sleeps. While the news revolts Kotaro-kun, a lot of the other girls plot their attempt to sleep next to Negi, causing Anya to be on high alert. In the end, Negi was placed in the safe slot between Natsumi and Chizuru. Anya senses the intent of those like Ayaka and Makie but when Negi ends up in her arms, she kicks him away before realizing her mistake. Negi lands with Ayaka, who’s all dreamy about that until Makie flings a couple of her gymnastic batons at her, then using her ribbon, flings him towards her. But Anya is there with a save kick and he lands between Yue and Nodoka. Yue offers Nodoka first crack at Negi, but the fierce aura from Makie, Anya, and Ayaka interrupt. Negi is accidently rolled until he reaches Chisame, where he proceeds to sleep-kiss her and then takes a beating for it.

The following morning, the battling girls are all out and in a mess with Chisame irritated, Asuna wondering what the heck happened, and Negi complaining of hurting all over.

Thoughts: Well, this was another filler chapter, but it was neat seeing how Anya had Negi’s back when he would be places he shouldn’t be to study magic. Beyond that, the new “fight for Negi” wasn’t really my thing, but I didn’t dislike the chapter either.

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