Genshiken 2 02

げんしけん 2 Episode 02

SPOILER Summary: With three days before their doujinshi has to be at the printers, Genshiken has a crisis — they don’t have a doujinshi ready for the printers. Because of the feud going on between president Sasahara and Kugayama, Madarame is running the meeting to decide what to do. While initially things had gone well, Kugayama ended up finding excuses not to draw anything new (job, thesis). Because he was the only one who had a scanner and photoshop, no one else could do anything for the pages done in his sketchbook. Ogiue-san had done her two pages and offered to do more, but Sasahara won’t hear of it.

Finally, Saki steps in and takes charge, telling the three of them that they have one week to produce 10 pages for the doujinshi. This will mean paying a fee from the printers because of the shortened time they have to work but the doujinshi will be done. With the final three days approaching, Saki orders Sasahara and Kugayama that they aren’t allowed to sleep until until its done, but Ogiue can. She stays with the other two, who can’t help but fall asleep anyway, and Sasahara finds himself becoming attracted to Ogiue.

The doujinshi gets sent to the printers and the group works out who will get the vendor tickets and the like.

Thoughts: Well, I have to say that in the manga, this story was very interesting, but in anime form, it seems the anime writers stretched it out quite a bit to fill an entire episode. It wasn’t a bad episode, it just dragged somewhat.

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