You’re Under Arrest! Full Throttle 03

Taiho Shichauzo! Full Throttle Episode 03
逮捕しちゃうぞ フルスロットル Episode 03

SPOILER Summary:

Yoriko worries about her weight and is envious about Natsumi’s ability to eat anything. When Inspector Tokuno brings in a fresh batch of taiyaki from Kogane’s Store, there’s great excitement at the station. Nakajima doesn’t see anything special about these taiyaki, but Kachou tells him they are special, made from select sweet beans from Hokkaido. Everyone grabs one and Yoriko is upset until Miyuki tells her eating only one should be already despite Natsumi’s teasing.

Near Kogane’s Store, a man in his apartment observes the long line there and frets about needing an opponent. Meanwhile, Miyuki and Natsumi take Today out for a patrol ride (along with a wonderful song). As they drive along the old routes and ticket parking violators, they decide to get some taiyaki. At Kogane’s Store, a group has gathered and just as they are asking about police, Natsumi and Miyuki arrive. Someone has stood cars up on their end and left warning messages. Natsumi returns the cars to the ground and the two send everyone on their way. It is then that Natsumi senses something as they are observed by the man from earlier.

Returning to the station with the warnings, Natsumi speculates that maybe these warnings are actually a challenge. Kachou warns her not to get into a fight with whomever this person is. Miyuki and Natsumi stay late with Miyuki working leads. After some time looking at pictures from the area, they notice one with the man looking out from his apartment window in the distance. The man, now laying in bed, recalls when he was a professional wrestler and the injury he took which knocked him out of the sport.

The following day, it seems that the owner of the taiyaki shop, Kogane-san, is worried so Natsumi and Miyuki pop by for a visit. They talk with his daughter, Michiyo, asks for their help. Because her father is getting up there in years, he can’t make the taiyaki as fast as he once could since the molds for this desert weigh over 10 pounds each. Natsumi senses they are being observed again but no one shows up. They take off and that evening, the ex-wrestler returns to take his revenge on the cars.

Natsumi and Miyuki are dispatched to the scene again return in time to see an SUV “walking” so Natsumi rushes to stop it. The ex-wrestler pushes and inititally Natsumi is pushed back. When Natsumi starts getting the upper hand, he calls her a “gorilla woman,” which angers her, causing her to run the car back and put an end to the ex-wrestlers’ messing with the SUV. He goes to escape and when Miyuki goes to cut off his escape with Today, he leaps into the air, has a flashback over taking a shot to his balls, and falls to the ground where he’s taken into custody.

After talking with Inspector Tokuno, he has a defeatist attitude which annoys Nastumi. After she chastises him, he ends up getting a job at Kogane’s and as a result, the speed with which they can produce taiyaki increases to the point to where they don’t have such long lines. That’s when they notice Kachou in the line and get their boss to spring for a round of taiyaki for everyone.


It was a fun episode with one really funny moment, but otherwise nothing special. Nothing on the Miyuki-Nakajima front.

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