Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight 43

覇王大系リューナイト Episode 43
Lord of Lords Ryu Knight Episode 43

SPOILER Summary:

As more Jya-ryuzoku units make it through the Mystic Shield, Rigel directs them and launches the (now repaired?) Jya-ryuzoku ship. Meanwhile as the Ryu riders fly to Earth Blade, Adeu’s optimism spurs a conversation on getting the other Ryu units to class-change. However, this talk annoys Sarutobi, who’s Spirit Stone is with Galden. In his anger, he wishes to strike Adeu, which Adeu agrees to let him do. However, Sarutobi decides against it since it would serve no purpose. Sarutobi initially decides to leave the group, but is persuaded not to by Paffy.

The group spots Rigel’s ship landing at a nearby town close to Earth Blade. Rigel dispatches his dragonoid soldiers to destroy the town and kill its inhabitants to lure the Ryu riders into a trap. Izumi lands the ship and the group summons their Ryu units to do battle. They begin to fight the Jya-ryuzoku soldiers, so Rigel summons his Doom unit to enter the fray. Adeu goes to meet Rigel in combat and since Adeu’s the only one who can fly, Rigel decides to take care of him first.

Again, Sarutobi decides to leave since without his Spirit Stone, he can do nothing. Paffy tries to persuade him but to no avail. So reluctantly she lets him go. The battle between Rigel and Adeu does not go well for Adeu and the collateral damage causes Adeu to flee in order to lure Rigel away from the town. Paffy decides to go to assist as Adeu is taking a heavy beating. However soon Paffy is overcome as well. Sarutobi arrives again but he too is beaten down. The thought of losing her friend causes Paffy to finally access her Spirit Stone’s true power and she class-changes from Ryu Mage to Ryu Wizard. Ryu Wizard defeats Rigel’s doom unit and destroys it.

The Jya-ryuzoku defeated, the group gathers again and congratulates Paffy on her class-change. Paffy tells Sarutobi that she changed her mind about his leaving and wants him to stay as everyone will help him regain his Spirit Stone. It starts snowing, which is a side-effect of the water spells Paffy casts as Ryu Wizard


Well, its about time that Paffy got her class-change. And just when I was complaining about the missing Jya-ryuzoku soldiers, they returned. I was surprised to see Rigel apparently killed though.

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