Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight 44

覇王大系リューナイト Episode 44
Lord of Lords Ryu Knight Episode 44

SPOILER Summary:

More Jya-ryuzoku forces make it through the Mystic Shield and female humanoid Jya-ryuzoku leader Adolia reports to Rigel, who survived his encounter with the Ryu units, though his Doom unit is currently out of commission. She reports that she brings a magic crystal which can make a Ryu unit with its rider under her control to fight for the Jya-ryuzoku. Rigel gives her permission to carry out her plan.

Meanwhile, the Ryu riders are in their flying sailing ship heading for Earth Blade where Adeu thinks Galden will head. Adeu tries to convince the others that Galden isn’t the same and that as a Ryu rider, they could use him as an ally. Sarutobi isn’t happy to hear this but Paffy prevents a fight from breaking out. For his part, Galden is pondering his encounter with Adeu when Adolia arrives. She challenges him and when he summons Steru and attacks, she slaps her large gem onto its chest. With that, she now controls both Galden and Steru as Galden was unable to remove it before succumbing to her.

Adeu sees the signature energy release for Galden’s Raida Sword attack. The ship heads in that direction but gets shot down. Galden is there in Steru and attacks, confirming the worst fear of the others. Sarutobi decides to quickly go after Galden as he needs to get his Spirit Stone back. However, some Jya-ryuzoku soldiers prevent the others from assisting. Adolia appears and summons her Doom unit for the fight. Paffy class-changes to Ryu Wizard and takes on Adolia while Adeu tries to reach Galden. Adeu won’t class-change to Ryu Paladin because he’s sure that Galden can be reached.

Adolia directs Galden to finish off Ryu Knight but at the last second, he stops. He then turns Steru’s blade upon himself and not only stabs himself, he also destroys the gem. Now free, he attacks the Jya-ryuzoku but Adolia has seen enough and seriously wounds Galden. Seeing that Adeu was right about Galden, Gesshin, Gratches, Izumi, and Hittel/Katze manage to access the power of their Spirit Stones and class-change. As such, they are able to slay all of the Jya-ryuzoku soldiers and force Adolia to retreat. However, Galden’s wounds may not allow him to live.

Thoughts: Clichéd shounen stuff to the max. How lovely that four Ryu units suddenly were able to class-change when no matter what they’d done before, they couldn’t burp a baby.

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