Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight 49

覇王大系リューナイト Episode 49
Lord of Lords Ryu Knight Episode 49

SPOILER Summary: As Katze and Paffy prepare a meal, Izumi performs a ceremony for Gratches and Gesshin while Adeu mourns and Hittel fires his Spirit Stone rifle in their honor. Katze approaches and overhears the guys discuss Hittel’s plan to attack the mother ship since the Jya-ryuzoku wouldn’t expect it after they’d destroyed two Ryu units. The plan involves using the other Ryu units as decoys so Hittel can get inside the mother ship. However, he’ll do so not in his Ryu but as himself. Further, Katze will be left behind, something she doesn’t want since she’d already been left by Hittel once before.

The next day when the Ryu’s all depart, Katze manages to get into Ryu Derringer and convinces Hittel to let her fight with him. The attack starts and lots of Jya-Ryuzoku soldiers are dispatched to fight the Ryu units, led by humanoid Jya-ryuzoku Nyle in his Doom unit. Everything is going according to plan and during the heat of battle, Ryu Derringer is able to slip away. Katze and Hittel manage to hitch a ride on board a supply ship and make it into the mother ship. They are soon discovered and begin slaughtering Jya-ryuzoku and cause destruction.

Isaac’s aide Danan is ordered to recall Nyle, who returns in his Doom unit to confront Hittel and Katze. His Doom unit proves a bit too much for Ryu Derringer and so Nyle begins beating them. Even with the Spirit Stone rifle, Hittel and Katze cannot harm Nyle’s Doom and are forced off the ship. There, Nyle’s Doom continues to beat Derringer and then delivers a critical hit, which the other Ryu units immediately react to. Realizing that Katze and Hittel are in danger, they race to aide them as Katze and Hittel pledge their lives to Derringer’s Spirit Stone for one final shot. Realizing that his critical hit had not finished off Derringer, Nyle rushes in but gets caught in the blast of the firing of the Spirit Stone rifle and the shot damages the foundation of the Jya-ryuzoku’s device to take down the Mystic Shield.

Isaac orders the guard ships to take out the Ryu units and the closest one opens fire. Izumi states they need to retreat, but the enraged Adeu channels that rage into an attack which destroys the guard ship. However, he’s exhausted and Ryu Paladin reverts to Ryu Knight. He’s caught by Izumi and Sarutobi in their Ryu units and despite not being able to do anything, he demands they let him go so he can fight, even though he cannot.

Thoughts: So, two more bite the dust. I still think the big cosmic reset button will be pressed at series end and they all will come back to life. I figure Galden will return by series end as well to help Adeu in the final battle.

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