Negima! Vol 20 (Ch 183) *SPOILERS*

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 20 Chapter 183

SPOILER Summary: Negima-dan are on the plane heading for Great Britain as Negi and Kotaro think back to their visit to a “manga festival” (ComiFes). Back then, Chisame-chan is cosplaying and happy about her success at it when Kotaro and Negi show up. They pick up a porn doujinshi which features the character Chisame is cosplaying, which leads her to snatch it from them. Nearby, Paru is showing a (yaoi?) doujinshi to a blushing Setsuna, Asuna, and Konoka. Negi pops over to take a gander, which leads to him getting smacked by Chisame and told he should never learn about this stuff.

Story two features Asakura’s sewing a doll that looks like Sayo-chan so that Sayo-chan can possess it and thus be able to finally leave the grounds of the school and travel with the group to the Magic World. Sadly, the inside of the doll is a straw voodoo doll.

The third story has Anya, Nodoka, and Yue at the pool. Seeing “normal” Japanese women there makes Anya feel better but when large-chested Shizuna-sensei accidently gets Negi caught up in her bosom, Anya is again jealous. So, Anya decides to pour a potion into the pool that will cause everyone to become flat-chested. Nodoka and Yue strongly object, so Anya decides she and Nodoka should have large chest. She casts a spell on the two of them which causes their chest to balloon up and them to float away.

The 4th story deals with Makie at a gym competition and with Negi, Ako, Yuuna, and Akira are in the audience and Makie is bummed at having finished 4th place. They all feel she did good and offer congratulations. A kid loses her balloon and she uses her impressive skills with a gymnastic ribbon to snag it out of the air and return it to the child. This display makes Negi and Yuuna wonder how in the world Makie could only score 4th place with skills like that.

Story five has Mana in child form coming to the movie theater to score that child’s rate of ¥700 she was denied previously. She feels like a winner until she realizes that the ¥2000 she spent on age-changing pills plus the ¥700 is greater than the cost of an ¥1800 adult ticket. Kaede arrives in child form and teases Mana for being so careless while Kaede used a ninja technique to appear in child form which cost her nothing. An annoyed Mana decides they should continue their match from before and Kaede agrees.

The sixth story has Ako, Yuuna, Makie, Akira, Fuko, Fumika, Natsumi, Misa, Kugimiya, Sakurako, & Chizuru meet Ayaka at her family’s private air strip where she has a jet custom painted with Negi’s image, hearts, and “Negi Love.” The group is shocked by this since they’ll be going to Great Britain in it. Only Chizuru and Makie like the jet’s design.

The final story takes place in Eva’s resort where she, Al, and Chachazero are served tea by one of Chachamaru’s “sisters” that look like her. Chachazero wonders if Eva will be lonely without the Negima-dan folks there. The trio discuss the group’s sudden trip to the Magic World, and Al is a little concerned since he didn’t expect them to do it so soon. Eva remarks on how life is filled with danger and the things in life worth seizing lie at the end of risk. Of course if they die, that’s that, which brings approving laughter from Chachazero.

Thoughts: Well, its another filler, but really good filler. I loved the little stories but the Sayo-chan one took the cake. She is so precious and cute. Man. I hope she turns out to be a valued member of Negima-dan. She was the chapter stealer this time over Chachazero, which is saying something. Notice how there’s another Chachamaru-type back with Eva. Very interesting (though I guess they showed up in the Festival arc).

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