Shakugan no Shana Second 08

灼眼のシャナ II Episode 08

SPOILER Summary:

In what appears to be Medieval times, a Tomogara is attacking and taking out knights while an injured woman pleads that she’ll be the one to kill them, only to be observed by many, many eyes. Margery Daw awakens from this (memory?) dream and asks Marchosias is she said anything in her sleep. He doesn’t know if she did or not and she pours herself another drink.

Meanwhile as Sato observes within the Fuzetsu field that Yuuji is training with Shana and Wilhelmina. Wilhelmina summons a Rinne, which appears very much like one from his first encounter with Shanna, taking the form of a giant baby doll. Initially Yuuji runs from it in fear, but despite his fear, he does face it with encouragement from Shana. When the Rinne attacks, Yuuji is not only able to stop the giant fist, but dispel the Rinne. This leads to a simple compliment by Wilhelmina as an annoyed looking Sato leaves. Yuuji isn’t happy about the Rinne Wilhelmina chose to summon, but it was requested by Shana and Alastor. Alastor feels it is time for the next phase of Yuuji’s training — unrestricted spells.

Yuuji wants to know if their investigation of Reiji Maigo, his Hougu, has proceeded. Wilhelmina confirms they have additional information but have not gone through it yet. Alastor believes Yuuji shouldn’t be concerned for such things. Shana tells Yuuji she’ll teach him how to cast the Fuzetsu and they go home. Wilhelmina begins to sift through the mounds of books sent to her and discovers something that shocks her, causing her to say the name “Pheles.”

Back at Sato’s place, Tanaka is trying to clear the mess of empty bottles from Margery’s drinking when Sato arrives. He tells Margery that he wants to become stronger and thus wants Margery to train him. When she asks why, his answer is to follow her and help her. She replies that he’ll die and then decides to tell them a story from her past. In what appears to be the late-30’s in New York, a Tomogara is on the Brooklyn Bridge when Margery Daw arrives on Marchosias and attacks.

The Tomogara introduces himself as Annaberg, the “Cavern of Scrupulous Impaling” (translated name). Margery attacks some more and appears to defeat her opponent. She marvels at the large presence the Tomogara had, but that he was very weak. She suddenly finds herself under attack by a multi-headed dragon, who ends up defeating her. That dragon is none other than Sydonay, who’s apparently working for Annaberg. Sydonay wants to finish her off, but Annaberg has plans which can’t wait so Sydonay will do what his client wishes.

After they leave, Margery has Marchosias purify her with his flame and provide her a new outfit. As she’s naked and being purified, a boy runs into the Fuzetsu and gets smacked for getting a good look at Margery. The boy is a Flame Haze named Yuri Chvojka, who’s contracted with Valac, who’s form is that of a wide, curved dagger. As they talk, Margery gets annoyed with the boy because she’s trying to get to her meeting with the Flame Haze known as East Edge and his contract partner (lord) Quetzalcoatl. That’s when she finds out that Yuri works with East Edge.

East Edge works tending bar and Margery hands him a letter and they briefly discuss the Flame Haze who are heading to Europe to battle a group of Tomogara there. They discuss Yuri and East Edge asks Margery to train him. She reluctantly agrees and so Yuri tags along. As the two wait in Central Park, Yuri asks about the changes in New York over the past 50-years. After she tells him, Yuri gets angry when he things about what Annaberg will do to humanity. This raises a red flag with Margery as Flame Haze are not supposed to be concerned about humans, only in keeping the balance which the Tomogara often throw off.

Despite not really wanting to hear it, Yuri tells the story of how he was an immigrant traveling to the U.S. on a ship when a Tomogara attacked in the form of a monstrous octopus. The ship was destroyed and as Yuri began to sink to the bottom of the ocean, Valac found him and contracted with him, making him a Flame Haze. Yuri wants to protect someone with his new gift of life and power since he could not do so back then. Margery is annoyed with Valac but Valac can do nothing. Margery wants Yuri to go home since she views him as unqualified for the job of Flame Haze. Since he can’t answer her question on what Annaberg’s goal is, Valac suggest they return home as well.

As Margery heads to the Empire State Building alone, she communes with Marchosias, mentioning that Flame Haze use hatred and vengeance and that this cannot be combined with the good intentions as it is dangerous, making the kid dangerous. Meanwhile Annaberg is at the Empire State Building to do his “acceleration of civilization” as Margery casts a Fuzetsu and approaches from the air.


I like how we are getting some fleshing out of Margery’s character. During the 1930’s, Margery had more spunk to her character than she does today, which I found interesting. The introduction of two new Flame Haze and their Crimson Lords was neat as well. Also on the neat front, Yuuji is ready to start using unrestricted spells? Wow.

I’m guessing Yuri will save Margery’s butt and thus redeem himself and cause Margery to question things and thus become a drunk Flame Haze to dull the pain.

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