Shakugan no Shana Second 07

灼眼のシャナ II Episode 07

SPOILER Summary: Ike is on the web finalizing his plans for the day at the amusement park with the gang. He hopes with this careful planning that he can ultimate score points with Yoshida and ride the Ferris Wheel with her. The group all meet at the appointed time outside the park where Ike announces that the day will be for Konoe, who’s never been to a theme park. Even though he has a carefully structured plan for the day, Konoe throws a monkey wrench into the works by wanting to ride a kiddie race ride. Even though this was not on the plan and embarrassing to them all, they agree. However, Ike gets motion sickness from this simple ride.

Since the excited Konoe wants to ride another kid’s attraction, Tanaka and Sato decide that they should split into groups. So Tanaka, Sato, Shana, and Ogata are in one group while Ike, Konoe, Yuuji, and Yoshida are in the second group. Shanna leads her group to the more interesting attractions such as bungee jumping. Ike tries to take his group to a cheesecake shop, but its closed. Ditto the ice cream shop. The Japanese Sweets shop is now a bathroom. Ike is crushed by these defeats.

As he attempts to recover, Konoe wants to ride the Roller Coaster. Ike says now is the best time to ride as the lines will be short, but instead, its an hour and a half. So even though he’s going to get sick on this ride, he agrees to hold the spot in line while Yuuji, Yoshida and Konoe do other things. He’s depressed at how things aren’t going to plans, but gets revived when Yoshida returns with a beverage for him. As such, he gets Yoshida to promise to ride the Ferris Wheel with him after they finish the Roller Coaster.

While Shana’s group are weary from all of their thrill rides (save for Shana), Ike sends Yoshida to get Yuuji and Konoe as the line is moving better. She leaves and he suddenly panics at the thought that if they don’t get back in time, he’d have to ride the Roller Coaster alone. Unfortunately, his worst fear comes true as a group up front decided not to go on the ride, meaning he’s stuck. Afterward, Yoshida nurses the ill Ike and learns that the Roller Coaster ride now has no wait. He consults his notes and learns a magic show starting is the reason for this.

Meanwhile, Shana impresses Ogata by displaying her sword skills at another game. She scores the high score and receives a prize for it — a cat doll. Ogata is all thrilled by this, leading Alastor to caution against Shana using her skills in such a fashion. However, Shana justifies her actions because this is all for recreation. When they meet up with Ike’s group, Ogata is regaling Konoe with the tale of Shana’s skill as the group eats lunch. Ike is depressed that things aren’t going according to plan but revives when Yoshida offers him some homemade cookies she brought.

Next on the docket is the giant maze. The group pairs off, with Ike ending up with Shana, Konoe with Yuuji, Ogata with Tanaka, and Shana with Sato. As each group tries to make their way through, Sato decides to use the opportunity to inquire about the possibility of becoming a Flame Haze. Ogata and Tanaka have a cutesy moment together and Konoe and Yuuji get lost and have to be helped. Ike, on the other hand, uses his mental skills to navigate through the maze and gets Yoshida to promise again to join him on the Ferris Wheel.

Waiting for the Ferris Wheel, Ike is glad that he pressed on and the two get into the same compartment together. However, before Ike can make his move and take Yoshida’s hand, he again gets motion sick and has to be assisted by Yuuji. Again he’s depressed, but a very happy Konoe comes to him and thanks him for such a fun day, wanting to do this again sometime. With Yoshida agreeing that Konoe’s happiness meant the entire day was a success, Ike in cheered and thinks that all’s well that ends well.

Thoughts: Well this was a fun episode. Poor Ike-kun. I laughed and yet felt badly for him and how all his carefully laid plans for the outing at the amusement/theme park went south as he tried to impress Yoshida. Since Yoshida has no chance with Yuuji, I wouldn’t mind her and Ike hooking up. I loved Shana’s reaction to her prize. She was really proud of that and I hope we’ll see it from time to time in the future.

Next episode with Margery Daw background looks very good indeed.

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