You’re Under Arrest! Full Throttle 04

Taiho Shichauzo! Full Throttle Episode 04
逮捕しちゃうぞ フルスロットル Episode 04

SPOILER Summary:

Aoi-chan and Yoriko finish ticketing a driver and notice a high school girl looking for something. Yoriko decides they should take off, but soon, the two are screaming like mad in the police car, making everyone think something very bad is happening to them. When they arrive at the police station, the monster that had been attacking them was an iguana and the high school girl, Yukari, shows up to claim it.

Natsumi and Miyuki take Yukari home with her iguana and when they enter her apartment, it is filled with reptiles to include snakes, lizards, turtles, and tortoises. Miyuki is not happy about all these critters and even less so when the giant (python?) snake named Shou-kun shows up to give Miyuki some lovin’. Natsumi loves all the critters but eventually Miyuki convinces her to leave. However, the ride home is kinda slow as Today has difficulty gaining speed for some reason.

As Yoriko inquires of Shou-kun (thinking its a guy), Nakajima-kun overhears and gets depressed. He heads to the roof to observe Miyuki working on Today in the garage. Natsumi comes up asking is he’s depressed over Miyuki and soon learns he is. However, before she can tease him about it, screams have them return to the office where some of the female officers report something strange either touching them or being spotted. Yukari shows up, reporting Shou-kun missing and so Natsumi takes charge of finding the snake. Nakajima-kun isn’t so thrilled about this until Yoriko mentions looking cool for Miyuki.

The search turns up the shed snake’s skin at Miyuki’s locker. It is then that they realize the snake may be outside with Miyuki. Sure enough, Miyuki, who’d closed the garage door to keep the rain out, finds herself trapped with Shou-kun. Nakajima-kun tries to raise the door, but lacks the strength to do so. Thus, Natsumi comes to the rescue.

Later, Yukari returns with Shou-kun, whom she claims wants to date Miyuki. Nakajima-kun will have none of it, but when the snake gets close to him, he faints.


This was a somewhat humorous episode. At least Miyuki didn’t act like a complete and total smeg head when showing her fear as she did in the old Mini Specials series. Nakajima-kun and Miyuki still don’t do squat, which I guess will be the theme of the year. Too bad. Yukari-chan sorta reminded me of Saori-chan.

By the way, wouldn’t Shou-kun eat most of the other critters in Yukari’s home? And how the smeg did it actually get to the police station? If it was causing Today to run slow, one would think the snake would have been injured by this. Bah! Too many plot holes about the snake and not enough humor to cover them all.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this is the funniest episode so far 😀

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