Shakugan no Shana Second 05

灼眼のシャナ II Episode 05

SPOILER Summary:
Wilhelmina has her training session with Yuuji and as she goes to land a sure-fire hit on him, she’s surprised to see he has deflected the ribbon attack. Despite his skill there, he ends up falling off the roof upon which they were training. However, landing on the ground, he discovers he has no injury and no pain, which Wilhelmina attributes to his being able to control the power of existence now to a small degree. After their training, Yuuji inquires about Shana’s welfare since she hasn’t been training Yuuji in a few days, but Wilhelmina has little helpful to say in this regard.

At their residence, Wilhelmina prepares two ramen cups, one for herself and one for Shana. Alastor isn’t so sure about this ramen diet but Wilhelmina and Tiamat have decided on simplicity. At the appropriate time, she serves Shana her cup, but Shana decides to take a bath instead to Wilhelmina’s concern. Wilhelmina picks up Shana’s clothing and when she inquires how long Shana will leave training of the Mystes to her, which ends up getting Shana irritated and angrily complain about Wilhelmina’s “nagging.” Wilhelmina leaves it at that.

The following morning, Wilhelmina stops by Yuuji’s home and speaks with his mother, though she really says nothing, unable to say what she feels. Yuuji departs to pick up Konoe at her mansion. Since Konoe is not quite ready to go, the butler, wearing a bracelet the same as Konoe’s, invites him in. The inside is huge but shockingly empty. Konoe arrives and the two head to school. As they talk about large residences, Konoe doesn’t seem to remember Sato (who’s also very rich) but certainly is glad to know Yuuji. The walk a bit further and find Shana waiting, but she’s irritated at seeing them together and takes off. Yuuji goes to follow, but Konoe grabs his shirt to prevent it.

At school, Konoe is still completely helpless at the simple task of getting her textbooks out of the bag and Yuuji helps her. He tries to get Yoshida-san involved but when the homeroom sensei arrives, Yoshida is off of the “support Konoe” team and Ogata is brought in since she lives near Konoe. All of this annoys Shana who heads to the roof at lunch and is joined by Yoshida. The others in their group ask why Shana and Yoshida haven’t been having lunch with them lately and Yuuji has no clue and doesn’t seem that concerned about it, which Ike observes. So when they go to their music class, Ike cautions Yuuji that he’s spending too much time taking care of Konoe and ignoring the others around him.

That afternoon, Wilhelmina is doing some shopping for the evening’s dinner and is at the bin for all the Cup Noodle ramen varieties, all for a cheap price. She and Tiamat briefly discuss the practicality of getting the ramen, but in the end, Wilhelmina passes. Outside of the store, she walks down the street of shops to where a produce seller is hocking his goods to the women doing their shopping. She ponders a large cabbage when Yuuji’s mother (Chigusa-san) comes up. After making their purchases, they walk home and Chigusa sensing Wilhelmina has things on her mind (specifically food preparation), asks her to come by the house.

After school, Sato and Tanaka are waiting for Ogata but to Tanaka’s dismay, Ogata is going home with Yuuji and Konoe as part of her new duties to take care of the ultra-helpless Konoe. Yoshida and Shana observe the trio leave and both feel badly about the situation. After dropping Konoe off, Ogata and Yuuji walk with Ogata telling Yuuji that the mansion had only recently been purchased, having been abandoned for a long time. Yuuji remarks on how the place made him feel strange. It is then that Yuuji and Ogata part and Ogata and Tanaka walk home together, coming oh so close to holding hands.

Yuuji comes home to find a giant mess from Wilhelmina’s visit and when Shana comes home, she finds that Wilhelmina has labored hard to prepare a meal for herself and Shana. However, visually it looks like a mess. When Shana tries it, she honestly tells Wilhelmina that it isn’t good. This makes Wilhelmina feel sad but when Shana continues to eat, Shana explains that because Wilhelmina made it, it is good. That pleases her greatly.

Thoughts: Well, if this is a plan by Bel Peol or by the Bal Masqué in general, it sure is taking a long time to come to fruition. After all, I think Konoe-san’s mansion is in fact the new HQ for Bal Masqué. Bit by bit, Yuuji is being separated first from Shana and then from Yoshida leaves him with fewer allies if he gets into a “tight pinch” (as the Japanese say) but then his improving skills may be what end up saving him. Still, I find Konoe’s complete helpless “ojousama” bit getting annoying. Ike is the only sane one here when it comes to Yuuji’s over-concern

I enjoyed the attempts of Wilhelmina to be more understanding of Shana’s feelings. Its weird seeing Shana and Yoshida not fighting each other as love rivals, but standing together as jilted girls left at the alter. While this isn’t bad stuff, it is (as I said earlier) taking a long time at setting the table, assuming there’s something in the pipe. I also smiled at Tanaka’s failed attempts to hold hands with Ogata on the way home. *lol* That was a sweet little moment.

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