Negima! Vol 20 (Ch 185) *SPOILERS*

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 20 Chapter 185

Summary: As Magus and Nekane watch at the entrance of the room filled with the petrified people from Negi’s former village, Negi speaks to the stony Stan and thanks him for his role in making Negi what he is. Magus wanted Negi to be able to move forward which is why he brought Negi to the room. Anya arrives with an insult for Negi, tailed by Asuna, Setsuna, Konoka, Nodoka, Yue, and Chisame. Magus is a little troubled by the others knowing about the room but Anya points out that these girls are working with Negi. Anya makes some crass remarks about the “statues,” including telling Asuna that there’s an older man one for her. Negi prevents Asuna from retorting as Anya arrives at the statue of a woman. This statue is Anya’s mother and Anya takes a cloth to dust her mother.

Afterward, Asuna and Negi talk about things. Negi explains how Anya escaped the destruction and petrification. Asuna wants to know how Negi is taking things, but Negi assures her he’s fine, especially after seeing how Anya handled the situation. Negi sees that room as his starting point and that he needs to do his best so that Stan doesn’t laugh at him. The other girls who saw the room hear this as well. As such, Konoka decides that she’s going to do her best to study and maybe find a way to cure them all. The others agree they will do their best for Negi.

As the girls and Negi come in, they are spotted by Ayaka’s group, who hear the plan of Negi’s group to take off early in the morning.

The following morning, all the members of Negima (Ala Alba) take off with Donette. Magus reminds Nekane that in addition to Donette, Nagi’s friends are also waiting for Negi’s group. As the group enters the fog, Donette tells them to stay close to her so that when they enter the magic gate, they won’t be left behind. Further, they need to stay close so as not to get lost in the fog. Asuna says an apology back to Ayaka who’s supposed to be back at the village but instead emerges from behind a large boulder. Ayaka has no intention of breaking her promise, but has a bad feeling about the trip Asuna and Negi are about to undertake. Asuna assures her that she’ll protect Negi but further, the trip should be easier than they thought. With that, Asuna has to leave to keep up with the others.

Yuuna and the others of Ayaka’s group observe what has transpired and wearing the same hooded cloaks as Negi’s group, they figure they’ll be OK to tail them. Yue asks about the possibility of normal humans stumbling onto the gate and going to the other world. As she works the magic to access the gate, she assures Yue that it is impossible but that ever 10 years or so, a normal person does get lost in the fog.

Meanwhile, the girl’s with Yuuna are lost and so ask the lucky Sakurako to point them the way. She does and they are off again.

At the gate (which looks like Stonehenge) where there are others also waiting wearing hooded cloaks. Donette explains that the gate only opens once a month and since they have an hour before the gate opens, Asuna suggests breakfast. However, Ku Fei and Kotaro are already eating. Anya is not happy about Kotaro eating her sandwich and accidently bumps into another cloaked person. She apologizes and hurries off and we see the person is none other than Fate.

Thoughts: To be honest, I didn’t expect Fate to show up here. So will he try to prevent Negi from reaching the Magic World or is his being there a coincidence, I can’t say. Still, it does strongly suggest that the group will have to fight Fate at some point.

I’m not sure I’m going to like it if all the other girls somehow make it through to the magic world.

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