Pocket Monsters 02

ポケットモンスター Ep. 02

SPOILER Summary: With Pokémon kidnappers reported to be in the area, Satoshi’s arrival with the injured Pikachu sets off a female police officer’s warning bell. She asks for ID, but Satoshi states he doesn’t have any, but identifies himself to the officer. When she sees his Pokémon Guide, she shows him that his ID is built into that. With that, she offers to take Satoshi and Pikachu to the hospital in her bike, which they agree to. They are off at turbo speed, leaving a cloud of smoke on the young fishing girl from episode 1, with her damaged and burned bike to chase after them. Meanwhile overhead, a fishing hook takes a wanted poster off the wall to a waiting hot air balloon’s occupants.

At the hospital, the nurse chastises Satoshi for making his Pokémon fight a tough battle to end up in its current condition but states that she can heal his Pikachu. The police officer leaves and with Pikachu taken in for treatment, Satoshi is left alone. He calls his mother, who’s happy he made it to Tokiwa City in one day but demands that he work hard to become a good Pokémon Trainer like his father and grandfather. After repeatedly reminding him to brush his teeth, she hangs up. Another phone rings and it is Professor Orchid. Satoshi tells him of the unidentified Pokémon he saw, which matches the relief of one on the hospital wall. Orchid doesn’t believe him since that’s a legendary Pokémon which is extremely rare to be seen.

After his call, the angry girl arrives with her bike and demands some explanation and more from Satoshi. He apologizes, but it isn’t enough for her. However, learning that his Pikachu is in treatment, she calms down. The nurse emerges with Pikachu still asleep on a bed and attached to some devices. The Pokémon Center (hospital) is invaded by the man and woman in the wanted poster when they send in their Dogas Pokémon (smoky, rock thing) and Arbo Pokémon (purple rattlesnake thing) to attack. They enter announce that they are Rocket-dan (Team Rocket) with the girl named Musashi and the guy named Kojiro (along with the talking cat Pokémon) and they are looking for rare Pokémon.

After the nurse protests there are no rare Pokémon in the facility, she, Satoshi with Pikachu in the bed, and the girl retreat to a room filled with Monster Balls. Arbo takes out the facilities power, so a large group of Pokémon are used to bring up the emergency power. The nurse contacts the Pokémon Center in Nibi City and begins transferring Monster Balls there. Dogas manages to take out the door leaving Satoshi to try to fight them. Unfortunately, the Monster Balls are either empty or contain very weak Pokémon.

The girl steps forward and introduces herself as Kasumi. She urges Satoshi to flee with Pikachu and brings out her own Monster Ball. However, her Pokémon is the fish Tosakinto, which is useless on land. Now it is time for a retreat with Rocket-dan in pursuit. Pikachu awakens and summons his fellow Pikachu, who pike on top of the wounded Pikachu. Together, they send a large electric shock to Rocket-dan and their Pokémon. Then before they can recover, Satoshi’s Pikachu emerges uninjured and Satoshi manages to understand that Pikachu wants him to pedal the damaged bike. He does so and Pikachu sends another powerful bolt at Rocket-dan, destroying the facility and sending them fleeing on their balloon. Musashi and Kojiro wonder how an electric mouse could defeat them unless it was something special.

With that adventure over, Satoshi, Kasumi, and Pikachu head off for anther adventure where Satoshi is going to try to capture Caterpie — a caterpillar Pokémon.

Thoughts: Ah, Megumi-chan makes her appearance as Musashi. Maybe its just me, but Musashi and Kojiro are more humorous than “Jessie” and “James” were.

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2 Responses to “Pocket Monsters 02”

  1. Dusk_K says:

    Great detailed summary. I remembered watching this episode in English some time ago.

    Actually, I enjoyed every one of their episodes, that is, until their new episodes came out in a different art style and changed story removing one of the main characters. It’s totally bogus.

    Anyways, nice blog! See ya around. ^___^

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I can’t say if I ever saw this specific episode from 4Kids or not. I seem to recall bits but then when I looked at the 4Kids episodes, I really wasn’t into anime and I really wasn’t watching all that closely since it didn’t hold me to watch that closely.

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