Shakugan no Shana Second 09

灼眼のシャナ II Episode 09

SPOILER Summary: Margery Daw continues to tell Sato and Tanaka her story when she and a new Flame Haze in the 1930’s New York encountered the Tomogara Annaberg and Sydonay. She casts a Fuzetsu on the Empire State Building where Annaberg was about to do his thing. Outside, Yuri and Valac stand and observe. Valac wants to know why Yuri told Margery his desire to protect people as protecting people is a mere result of a Flame Haze’s job and not the goal. Despite knowing his belief would be rejected by Margery, he said it anyway and continues to believe in helping others.

Meanwhile, Margery changes into her werebear form to battle Annaberg. The fight rages with Annaberg fleeing until he tries to lead Margery into a trap where the waiting Sydonay is. Sydonay transforms into his winged, weretiger form but Margery doesn’t fall for the trap. She uses her ability to split herself and surround Sydonay. She and Marchosias begin an improvised verse which causes both Annaberg and Sydonay to scatter. Sydonay protects himself as Margery’s attack destroys the top of the Empire State Building.

Meanwhile, Yuri has Valac’s permission to go in and help save Margery. A small moth warns Margery of an incoming surprise attack from Sydonay, who causes Margery some heavy damage and forces her back to her human form. Yuri summons a storm of moths and then forms an “energy comet” with which he races into the Fuzetsu and protects Margery by damaging Sydonay. Margery reverts to beast for to take on Sydonay while Yuri goes after Annaberg. Yuri manages to dispatch Annaberg and despite nearly being empy, he moves in to save Margery again, who’s in a stalemate with Sydonay. His arrival as both Sydonay and Margery attack kill him (but not before Valac states her pride in Yuri) and allows Sydonay and Margery to escape (Margery needing to escape to take vengeance on the Tomogara with the silver flame, which is her sole purpose).

Margery reports back to East Edge and brings Yuri’s glasses, which have been damaged and now kinda look like the ones she current wears. Upon hearing the story, Tanaka and Sato reflect on her words. Tanaka wonders if this means that Margery doesn’t want them to follow her.

Meanwhile, Yuuji is training with Shana and Alastor. They want him to cast the unrestricted spell Fuzetsu. After some effort, he does cast it but while he is pleased with his efforts, Shana and Alastor are stunned to see that there is a silver flame coming from Yuuji.

Thoughts: It almost appears that Margery’s glasses are a tribute to Yuri, who wore glasses. I wonder what happened to Valac, who surely would have found a new candidate to be her Flame Haze. Interesting that Yuuji’s flame is silver. Considering Margery’s story, what do you wanna bet that this is somehow connected with her.

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