Dirty Pair 02

ダーティペア Episode 02
Dirty Pair 02

SPOILER Summary:

Dirty Pair 02An explosion of a ship causes the company that owns the ship to suspect sabotage and to enlist 3WA. The 3WA computer picks Lovely Angels to the case, which doesn’t make their supervisor, Gooley, happy. He’s looking at the results of their mission on Elenore and the now leaning tower. However, he has a “super” senpai, Nova Grave, to watch them for this case and one who’s a criminal entry expert. The company is going to launch their new super-liner ship Theango and it will be up to the three of them to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Dirty Pair 02Yuri gets to dress nicely which irritates Kei. Neither Kei nor Yuri are too impressed with their senpai and Kei suspects he has a chest full of hair, something neither one of them can stand. As such, they come up with their own plan where Kei will do some searching outside the ship while Yuri does hear own patrol inside the ship. Grave is with one of the crew inspecting some sensitive areas when he spots a couple of suspicious people. He goes to pursue but they quickly lose him. He returns to Kei and Yuri where he learns of their plan to have Kei do some patrolling outside the ship and approves.

Dirty Pair 02Kei soon spots three others in EVA suits and sees them plant explosives. She attacks with her gun and they return fire. She has Namo come and join her, the robot working to disable the explosives that the trio plant as they flee from Kei. Kei realizes she needs help and calls for Yuri, who races to where the space suits are stored to get changed. However, the two guy sneak up on her from behind and knock her out. They move to the bridge where Grave has gone to and while Grave does his best to prevent it, they injure him and knock out the crew with gas. Outside, Kei’s attempts to keep any explosive from going off fails as one of them does, causing a large hole in the ship.

Dirty Pair 02Mughi comes upon Yuri just as she’s coming to while the two thugs have returned and are attempting to change to leave the ship. Mughi attacks, giving Yuri an opportunity. A third thug enters but Yuri takes them down and Mughi then holds them down. An irritated Kei arrives wondering where her partner has been and reports that she can’t get a hold of Graves. They go to the bridge where they learn the ship is in bad shape with the ship on a collision course with a planet and they quickly organize an evacuation of the passengers and crew. Once they’ve left, Kei and Yuri assist Graves back to the bridge where they learn that bringing the ship down won’t be easy as a number of systems are out including some of the reverse thrusters and auto-guidance.

Dirty Pair 02Kei leaves to jury rig a fix for the thrusters to slow down the ship and prevent it from crashing into the city of Dolmate. Yuri attempts to do her best to guide the ship down with Graves assisting while Kei and Namo head out and hotwire the thrusters as the Theango comes in hard. Kei gets the thrusters online and despite their best efforts, the Theango knocks the top off some tall buildings. However in the end, they get the ship down outside the city. Gooley learns what happened and his aid is stunned that Dirty Pair did this. Gooley corrects him, calling them “Lovely Angels.”

In the hospital, Kei and Yuri give Graves a kiss on the cheek but before they leave, Graves asks if they can work together again sometime. To boost his case, he unbuttons his shirt to reveal no chest hair, thus meeting Kei and Yuri’s approval.

Thoughts/Review: As one might expect, there’s no depth to the episode, but it is fun nevertheless. Kei and Yuri are fun to watch and there are comedic moments which adds to the fun.

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