Shakugan no Shana Second 12

灼眼のシャナ II Episode 12

SPOILER Summary: Yuuji and Shana do katana training with bamboo swords. Providing Yuuji doesn’t perform a Fuzetsu, Margery Daw should not be alerted to the silver flame. After spending a moment together, the two head to school and the festival. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina decides to pay Margery Daw a visit, who’s laying on a park bench as the festival at the school begins. Margery wonders why Wilhelmina would pay her such a visit and the answer causes a violent reaction from Margery so that her large bottle of sake is destroyed.

The school parade starts and Tanaka and Satou talk about how Margery is likely not to show up. However, it is Shana who points out Margery to them as she’s with Wilhelmina on the parade route. Margery is wanting to know information now and Wilhelmina is wanting to wait until the following day and to have Shana and Yuji there as well. Seeing her boys having fun along with Shana and Yuuji in the parade (where they are all in costume) touches Margery and so she agrees to Wilhelmina’s terms.

The parade is tough, especially on Ike but they all survive. Yuuji’s class mans the crepe booth where Shana makes a special crepe for Wilhelmina, who shares it with a somewhat reluctant Margery. Everyone takes in the sights of the festival and later, Yoshida and Yuuji are manning the History of Misaki City display within one of the classrooms. Since no one is currently viewing the exhibit, Yoshida tells Yuuji that she’s no longer satisfied with an unrequited love and wants to share a love with him. However, she will wait for him, however long it takes, for him to make a decision.

The announcements are made as to the finalist for the costume contest from the parade and Yoshida, Yuuji, and Shana are finalist. Shana wins and goes to make her speech. She begins to address Yuuji, but a presence that had been approaching the city since the start of the episode emerges when Yuuji touches the hand of a girl, causing an unrestricted spell to happen. The other Flame Haze look at the tornado that has appeared and Shana identifies the presence therein — Pheles.

Thoughts: Heh. I liked how Wilhelmina worked on Margery Daw via the festival to hopefully avoid a problem of her turning into an opponent when she learns about Yuuji’s silver flame. Interesting that just before Pheles revealed herself, Konoe had a reaction to her wind. So why didn’t Wilhelmina, Margery, or Shana detect Pheles before she was right on top of them? That doesn’t seem to follow with what we’ve seen of their sensory perceptions to date.

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