Negima! Vol 21 (Ch 190) *SPOILERS*

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 21 Chapter 190

Summary: Chachamaru is about to leave for the trip to England and as Eva and Chachazero are seeing her off, she hesitates because she’s just a tad concerned for her master. She also wonders about Eva’s long talk with Negi the night before and how much Eva truly cares for Negi. That provokes a response from Eva, who then realizes how much Negi has been on Chachamaru’s mind. Caught off guard, Eva then winds Chachamaru rapidly, asking her how a 2.5 year old person could outwit someone hundreds of years old. Eva then tells Chachamaru that Negi is in her hands, and then remarks on how Chachamaru would likely protect Negi even without orders from Eva.

Chachamaru comes to her senses with Negi still in the Magic World in the jungle. Using a map of the the world, they plot their location, which is some 10,000 kilometers from the gate port at Megalomesembria. Chachamaru has located three other people nearby, meaning they will have to head south to pick up two of them before going east across a mountain range to pick up the third. Despite it being night, Negi is eager to get started now, but a passing wild dragon overhead is a reminder of how dangerous it would be to travel at night. Besides, Negi is still struggling after the fight at the gate port despite having his wound healed.

The following morning they set out with Negi having his magic ring and wishing he had his staff so he could fly. The two travel a good distance before having to set up camp again. Negi is frustrated that they can’t travel faster, but the jungle terrain slows them down. Chachamaru sees that Negi may have a fever but Negi only wants to take a 15-minute break and get to the first person by sunset. However, that plan is interrupted when a Tiger Dragon attacks with an electric bolt. Negi counterattacks but finds the creature has a barrier. He’s in no condition to fight, so a very determined Chachamaru suddenly turns her left hand into a large bladed weapon and her right hand into a large gun. She attacks as Negi passes out.

Negi comes to to find Chachamaru providing her lap for his pillow. She managed to drive off the Tiger Dragon but has nearly exhausted her power. While she can recover somewhat by resting, she needs to have her key turned by one with magical power. While Negi has seen Eva do this countless times, Chachamaru expresses some reluctance to have Negi do it, as she was going to have Anya or Konoka do it. Negi slowly winds her which causes her to cry out. He wonders if it is painful for her, but she tells him that this ritual for replenishing her magical energy is the same as a pactio and it feels good to her. Hearing that, Negi winds her hard which results in Chachamaru trembling and smoking a bit on the ground, calling for her master or Chao.

Negi thanks Chachamaru for saving him at the gate port and ponders his own weakness in letting the others down. With that, they head off to find their companions with Negi promising to wind her every day.

Thoughts: The flashback with Chachamaru leaving Eva was very interesting. Remember when Chachamaru’s place was always at Eva’s side even though Eva gave Chachamaru permission to go on the Kyoto trip? Now, though she is still devoted to her master as a bondslave, her love for Negi is stronger and thus she’s going to leave Eva in the hands of her sisters after she has Eva’s permission to go.

Another item was the “sex” joke with Chachamaru’s spring. Akamatsu-sensei has been wanting to do this joke since he created the character. The closest he got before was volume 6 when Eva winds the spring. Now he gets to use Negi’s innocence and the “feel good” aspect for Chachamaru and there you go. I didn’t need those jokes but it was interesting to see how Chachamaru recharges.

Finally there is Chachamaru’s new body. She now has that realistic covering from Hakase, but also has some other abilities. It seems as if her arms can become weapons (maybe I’ll buy volume 21 earlier than expected to check out the clean artwork) and then return to arm shape. That’s an interesting new ability for her to be able to shape-shift (if indeed that’s what it was).

Oh, and Chachamaru has a copy now in addition to her other “sisters.” Interesting.

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