Kagetora Manga Volume 8

カゲトラ Volume 8
Kagetora Volume 8

SPOILER Summary: Kagetora’s brother Taka comes to visit and tells Yuki that she has three days to land a hit on him or her grandmother will come to give her more training. Yuki doesn’t want that, so she and Kagetora train so that Yuki can make her hit, even if accidental. The next story has Taka still there, so Yuki invites him and Kagetora to a theme park. Kagetora is frustrated that Taka is always sitting next to Yuki for the ride, but in the end, Taka sets up Kagetora and Yuki for a romantic ferris wheel ride.

In the third story, Yuki notices she’s gained some weight and wants to work on losing some weight, only to discover she’s grown a bit. The forth story has Yuki work on her training as Kagetora reflects on how she doesn’t make a great deal of progress. Despite this, when Yuki gets drunk again, her skills in that state are even better than the first time she got drunk and spared against Kagetora, showing the training is sinking in at some level.

The fifth story has Yuki get asked out by a male acquaintances from junior high and goes to a theme park with him. Kagetora follows and learns this guy is confessing to Yuki, so he leaves. Yuki returns and talks with Kosuke, who lets out that Kagetora had followed her. Since he’s nearby, she tells Kosuke she’d turned down the guy but won’t say why, but then calls out to Kagetora to thank him for being her oyakume ninja.

The sixth story has Yuki and Kagetora going skiing where Yuki is worn out. Late in the night, she goes to bathe to discover Kagetora there and has him work on her sore muscles, which eventually leads him to accidentally see her naked, which she doesn’t mind since its him. The final story has all these girls giving Kagetora chocolate to Yuki’s frustration, forcing Yuki to try to find a time to give Kagetora her own special chocolate.

Thoughts: More light-hearted romantic comedy stuff from Segami-sensei. It did pick up with the last vestiges of the more serious story dealing with Nao (though she’s not in this or even mentioned), but for the most part just dealt with Yuki and Kagetora’s relationship. The monkey, Kosuke, didn’t appear as much this time. Segami-sensei even addresses that with one of the 4-koma comics at the end of the manga.

Overall, while there is nothing that special or great about Kagetora. Despite this, I rather enjoy this for what it is — a light, romantic comedy.

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