Shakugan no Shana-tan Begins


Story 1: Shana-tan is gobbling melon pan and riding on Yuuji’s head. He recalls the battle at Seirei-den and asks what she told him. She claims to forget but gets upset when he remembers her having called his name back then. Thus, she starts telling him to shut up (chibi-style) while slamming him on the head with melon pan and calling him “baka.” Yoshida observes this and laughs and Ike-kun observes her and laughs.

Story 2: Yuuji is having déjà vu and tries to make it to Sato’s house, only to end up at a wide variety of unexpected, well-known Japanese places and landmarks including a naughty “Soap Land.”

Story 3: Yoshida makes a bento for Yuuji. Shana-tan jumps into it to give Yuuji her bento, which when opened, sends tons of melon pan flying.

Story 4: Konoe comes to school and she and Shana-tan “oooh” at each other until Shana-tan gives an “AH!”

Story 5: Margery makes an entry into her “Doki Doki Dairy” in a cute way.

Thoughts: Mildly amusing. These haven’t been as good to me lately.

Because I care, here’s some title captures.

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