Keroro Gunsou 31

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 31

SPOILER Summary: Keroro is waiting anxiously for a package to be delivered. It arrives fromKeroro's bike a space ship and it is an anti-gravity motorcycle, which Kururu identifies as the KRR-SP. Giroro demands to know if Keroro spent their invasion funds on such contraption, but Keroro denies this, saying he used his personal funds. Further, he got this limited edition space bike for which 100 were made for a steal of ¥5000 rather than the normal ¥5,000,000 off of the Space Internet. Everyone suspects he’s been had, and indeed the number on the bike says “130,” which Fuyuki points out that only 100 had been made. Keroro refuses to listen though.

Keroro plans to make a jaunt out but is forbidden by Natsumi. So, he takes off anyway. He flies Natsumi and Fuyukiaround, enjoying the freedom of space biking when he sees an unmanned vegetable stand with a place to put money. So he buys a yam to appease Natsumi when he returns and takes off again. It is evening and Natsumi is preparing dinner. They get a call from Keroro, who’s bike has broken down and he’s alone and stranded in the mountains. Before they can learn where he is, the line is disconnected for lack of funds. Keroro only has ¥1 on him, meaning he can’t call again. He checks the bus schedule and finds that only three buses run to this stop, meaning he’s got a long wait. However, the schedule is dated 1979, meaning buses no longer come to this mountain stop.

Natsumi and Fuyuki try to enlist the others to help look for him, but none of his team are that Mojaran riderconcerned about him. Meanwhile, Keroro sees a light in the sky and ID’s it as a saucer (bike). Its rider comes down to check on Keroro. However, because the rider is a Mojaran, a race who doesn’t get along with Keron people. As such, even though he’d like to help a fellow rider, he can’t. Instead, he “accidentally” drops a still-warm canned coffee for Keroro to consume. Keroro does so and resists the urge to eat the raw yam. Realizing the narrator is there, Keroro and the narrator have a conversation to kill time.

Down at the Keron base, Kururu provides Natsumi with an energy-wing device and a scanning Natusmidevice that hovers over her head so that she can go search for Keroro. Keroro tries various means to make it back into the city by catching rides on various vehicles and transports which gets him sent to a dump and ultimately onto a freighter. Meanwhile, Natsumi is on his trail, having found the old mountain bus stop as Keroro finds himself trapped in the cargo container. Using the bike, he manages to break free, but finds himself in the ocean. He activates the air bags on the bike and can now float. Natsumi finds him and brings him and the bike home, happy he’s OK and also happy with the yam gift.

Thoughts: I seem to remember the core of this story from the manga, but man was this stretched to fill time. Seriously, when you have to bring the narrator in to converse with Keroro about nothing, you are really desperate to fill time. It was an OK episode, but mostly forgettable.

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