Hayate no Gotoku! 43

Hayate the Combat Butler Ep. 43
ハヤテのごとく!Episode 43

SPOILER Summary: Hayate, Nagi, Maria, and Klaus arrive at Sakuya’s cruise ship, which is a Sakuya Nagilife-size replica of the Titanic. Nagi decided to go on this trip because she’d been having trouble with her manga and during the course of writing it, decided that being indifferent to Hayate might improve things from a boyfriend-girlfriend standpoint. While Maria and Nagi aren’t impressed with this ship, Hayate sure is. Nagi continues her aloof attitude and enlists Sakuya’s help. While Hayate is very impressed with the ship, he does catch Nagi’s attitude and wonders what he could have done to make Nagi upset.

During the cruise, Nagi and Sakuya talk about the ship, and references are made to the problem of sinking. Sakuya scoffs at the notion, saying that only a terrorist attack would sink the ship. On cue, terrorist attack the ship. However, they are soon overcome by Klaus as well as Sakuya’s andButlers Isumi’s chief butlers (Isumi being currently lost in the bowels of the ship). As Hayate wanders the corridors of the ship, one of the terrorists sets of the bombs which sends Hayate down to the bowels of the ship, severely injured and near where a torrent of water is pouring in. After the announcer, with an image of Nabeshin in the view, gives some facts about survival in cold water, Isumi shows up on crate in the water. Hayate decides to save her, only to have two sharks (apparently from Jaws) attack.

Meanwhile, Klaus reports that only Hayate and Isumi are missing as Nabeshin directs the evacuation of the ship. Nagi decides to save Hayate and so heads down. She finds Hayate in the Jawsmouth of one of the sharks fighting to keep the mouth open. She decides to save him which is when the other shark goes to attack. Isumi is just about to use her fuda on one of the sharks but Hayate finds one last burst of strength and defeats both sharks before sinking beneath the waters. He awakens in a luxury yatch with Klaus not please with Hayate haven given up. Nagi tries to get a word in, but the “lovey” backgrounds for both of them gives her great cause for concern.

Thoughts: ‘Twas another fun episode with quite a few American references, including one for MacGyver according to the wiki reference page (that one would have gone right over my head).

What was up with Sakuya’s outfit and the chain? Yikes.
SakuyaReferences! (Note: the site doesn’t always get 100% of the references, but they do get a very high percentage.)

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