Keroro Gunsou 37

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 37
Sgt. Frog Ep. 37

SPOILER Summary:

Rabbie-chan is handing out fliers for her brother Kogoro’s (556’s) new business for being a space detective, but people aren’t interested in that. She sees a flier for Dororo’s Ninja School, which is the latest scheme by Keroro to raise money for the platoon. Keroro figures people will pay money to learn the art of ninjutsu, but at the dojo they establish, they receive no customers. As such, Keroro decides the whole platoon should train to be ninjas, so they dress in the appropriate garb. However, whether it be teaching them to use and avoid being hit by the shuriken (or kunai for that matter), using the water for their advantage, or whatever, the platoon doesn’t seem truly interested in learning. Finally, Kogoro and Rabbie arrive with Kogoro challenging the dojo. The platoon turns and fights Kogoro, using a combination of ninjutsu and their own military skills. Natsumi arrives, irritated by the explosions she’s heard which caused her to miss Mutsumi’s radio program. While Dororo provides a smoke cover for them to escape, he gets trampled under foot and left behind.

Sometime later, Natsumi is again listening to Mutsumi’s radio where he’s about to read her 2nd letter when a small pterodactyl comes through her room and crashes out the window. Fuyuki arrives to see what was wrong before the two head down to see what Keroro and the boys are up to. Using the refrigerator entrance, they find themselves looking at a tyrannosaurus rex. It tries to eat them, only to be stopped by Keroro, who’s placed a control device on the dinosaur’s head. This is his latest money making scheme, whereby he creates Jurassic Paradise (a parody of Jurassic Park). However, the control devices will make the creatures tame. As such, Keroro names the t-rex “Gao-chan” (“gao” is the Japanese way of going “grrrrr”). While playing fetch with Gao-chan, the control device comes off and everyone is in grave trouble. The rampaging t-rex damages the way home as well as part of the Keron base. Returning back to the park, Natsumi finds the gun used to turn people/creatures into younger versions and fires it at the dinosaur. She misses, but through a series of coincidences, she manages to create a time warp which send Gao-chan back to his proper time while at the same time, repairing the portal home. After returning home, a t-rex fossil is found with a Gunpla, the very one Gao-chan had chased through the time-warp.

Thoughts: I guess it was an OK episode. When Dororo is heavily involved, I start thinking, “Where’s Koyuki” when she’s not around, as she wasn’t this time. The parody of Jurassic Park was amusing. Beyond that, not really much to say about this one.

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