Negima! Vol 22 (Ch 202) *SPOILERS*

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 22 Chapter 202

SPOILER Summary: Jack Rakan briefly discusses the situation in the Magic World which lead to the formation of Ala Rubra, led by Negi’s father Nagi, who was only 14. He talks about how Nagi was his rival. Chisame isn’t that interested, but Negi is. However, Jack tells him that to learn more of his past, Negi will have to pay 1-million for every 10-minutes Jack speaks. Chisame asks Jack if he was supposed to meet them at the gateport. He says that he was as Takamichi had told him Nagi’s son was coming, but it was too much trouble to come and the name of the city was too long. In the end, Negi ended up coming to him.

Jack asks Negi to punch him in the stomach, stating that if it wasn’t strong enough, Jack wouldn’t even bother training Negi. Further, he wants Negi to hit him with the finishing move he used in the arena. Chisame is stunned by this, knowing the power of the move despite herself. Negi complies and hits him with the Oukahouken attack. Chisame still is amazed at the amount of power from the attack and Negi is amazed when Jack is still standing as if untouched. However, he soon vomits a lot of blood and instinctively punches Negi into the sky because Negi’s punch hurt.

After both recover, Jack is amused to learn that Negi has been training under Eva, though it explains a great deal to him. As such, he tells Negi he’ll train him. He wants to know why Negi wants to get stronger. Negi has the usual answers such as wanting to protect the others and his father, but Jack suspects something else. Negi concedes that he wants to defeat Fate Auverruncus, whom he has come up against twice. The name is known to Jack, though he hadn’t heard it in a while. For 1-million, he’ll tell Negi the whole story.

Jack sets up a chalk board to show where Negi is in power, Chisame rated a 1 — bottom of the barrel. Magic school grads rate about 100 and a D-rank. An army tank rates about 200. Magic teachers and the like, a B-rank and rate 30. Negi is in an A-rank, rating about 500. A non-magical dragon is 650. Kagetarou is too. An Aegis Heavy Cruiser is 1500. Takamichi figures to be about 2000. Fate, with a AAA-rank, comes in with a 3000 rating. As such, it is impossible for Negi to beat Fate under normal terms. However, there are unapproved ways that Negi could use to possibly defeat Fate. One is a forbidden technique created by Eva hundreds of years ago.

Elsewhere, a head-bandaged Yue is greated by a humanoid girl her age named Colette. Colette invites Yue to dinner but Yue passes, wanting to spend time researching in the library. While she knows her name, she remembers little else and holds the Ala Alba badge, wondering what it means.

Thoughts: One day, I’m going to have to research where the Japanese come up with their ranking system. I first noticed it in Yu Yu Hakusho, where youkai were given class ranks as was Urameshi and company as they got stronger. Lately, the ranking system has come to life in Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. Regardless, it was interesting to see where Negi stands as far as power goes.

It was nice to see Yue again, though she has no memories. She’s dressed as a witch so likely folks don’t pay her any mind, especially with amnisia.

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