Keroro Gunsou 45

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 45
(Sgt. Frog 45)

SPOILER Summary: Keroro has a new plan, this time he’s going to replace chocolate with sweet potato dango’s as the gift for girls to give to boys on Valentine’s Day. His plan involves marketing on the Web (Kururu’s job), TV, and radio. Keroro tries TV first where the alien that is a master at selling stuff works. However, Keroro ends up not selling anything and buying a ton more sweet potatoes. Next he tries the radio where he interrupts Mutsumi’s program as Mutsumi is responding to Natsumi’s letter. This results in Natsumi giving Keroro a beating live on the radio. On the website, there are no sales. Indeed, the response to the website has people complaining of stolen personal info or that the site crashed their PC. Dororo tries his hand at selling from a stand and does manage to sell one to a mother and young son.

It is the evening before Valentine’s Day and Nishizawa is making a very special chocolate for Fuyuki. The next day, Nishizawa plans to give her chocolate to Fuyuki while Natsumi plans to do the same for Mutsumi. Natsumi tries to give hers when Mutsumi enters the school, but Fuyuki interrupts. Nishizawa tries to give her chocolate to Fuyuki, only to have another girl beat her to the punch. As Fuyuki stands there puzzled, Nishizawa’s security destroys the chocolate via a sniper shot, leading Nishizawa to scream at them as she wishes to fight her own battles. Meanwhile, Fuyuki is overloaded with chocolates while Koyuki secretly deposits a sweet potato dango in Natsumi’s locker. Natsumi mistakes it for the chocolate and gives it to Mutsumi. It is an embarrassing moment, but Mutsumi likes it so all is well. Meanwhile, Fuyuki discovers all the chocolates given to him are in fact for Natsumi. So when Nishizawa comes by with Tama to present her own chocolate, he’s very happy to have one of his own.

Thoughts: Maybe it is because of a lack of sleep, but I giggled several times in this episode. The comments left on their website cracked me up. Natsumi punishing Keroro live on the radio cracked me up. Natsumi giving Mutsumi a Sweet Potato Dango cracked me up (which is surprising to me). The platoon eating dango until they’re sick and still end up with more boxes than when they started cracked me up. Nishizawa screaming “Bakayarou!” with the Japanese spelling it out in Romaji (only using two “o’s” instead of “ou” at the end) really cracked me up since “bakayarou” is a favorite Japanese insulting term of mine.

So all in all, a fun-filled, funny episode for me. ^_^

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