Negima! Vol 23 (Ch 208) *SPOILERS*

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 23 Chapter 208

Summary: Negi continues his desperate battle with Eva, who’s a mere shadow of Negi, within the Phantasmagoria, which appears to be the grounds of Mahora Academy. He’s been within the Phantasmagoria for a few hundred hours and lost to Eva 70 times. Despite his best effort, Eva defeats Negi again, though she’s impressed that he’s still able to move (within the Phantasmagoria, one cannot sleep, die, or otherwise escape).

Outside, Chisame tends to Negi with the herbs from Jack. Jack lets Chisame know that Negi has been fighting for 10-days within the Phantasmagoria even though it has only been two days in the real world. Jack figures Negi only has until morning before his soul reaches the limit, at which point Chisame will have to decide whether to destroy Eva’s magic scroll or not.

Back within the Phantasmagoria, Eva appears to lament Negi’s latest defeat as he appears to be completely defeated. She tells him that even though he’ll be cut off from magic, he’ll still enjoy living out his days as a teacher. She turns her back on Negi, who instantly revives and launches a massive attack on Eva. She enjoys this and praises him as this is the source of his power — his first impulse. However, it is not enough and Eva soon has the upper hand. Negi is stunned that this wasn’t enough. He sees Asuna, Chisame, Chachamaru, Satsuki, and even Eva who tell him what he needs to hear. He now understands that he needs to the good and the evil, strength and weakness, and take them for what they are. With this, he’s able to cast the Magica Erebea spell to the surprise of Eva.

Thoughts: No surprise that Negi was finally able to apparently master the Magica Erebea spell. It was fun seeing Negi fight Eva again, even if she weren’t the real Eva. I guess this means that Chisame will be spared from having to make a decision on whether to end Negi’s magic by stabbing the scroll.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see Negi use this when his team goes up against Fate.

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