Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS 10

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Episode 10
魔法少女リリカルなのはStrikerS(ストライカーズ)Ep. 10

SPOILER Summary: It has been a couple of weeks since Tia and Nanoha had their talk and Tia has returned to normal. After the team passes their latest training test, Nanoha announces that they will now have their Devices unlocked for the 2nd mode. Vita tells the team that after Shari unlocks their Devices, they’ll begin Phase 2 training on the following day. That means the team has the rest of the day off. Tia borrows Vice’s motorcycle and she and Subaru are off to spend the day in the city. Caro and Elio also are headed into the city and they are seen off by their guardian, Fate.

Meanwhile, Shari and Rein begin work on the limiters and Shari has Rein go through a complete checkup (Rein can apparently merge not only with Hayate, but Signum and Vita as well). Upon completion of the checkup, Rein reports back to her desk in Hayate’s office, where she informs Hayate of the checkup, to include the Book of the Azure Sky. She tells Hayate that Shari wants to perform a checkup of Book of the Night Sky & Schwertkreuz as well.

Elio and Caro consult the plan that Shari laid out for them, which is Shari’s idea of the perfect date. On the train to the city, Elio and Caro talk, where Elio learns of Caro’s 2nd dragon, the ancient black dragon known as Voltaire. Since Fried considers Elio a friend, Caro is sure that Voltaire will get along with Elio as well. While in the city, the two talk of Fate and all she’s done for them. They are contacted by Tia and Subaru, whom upon hearing their plan, realize this has been set up as a date. Caro and Elio promise to contact Tia and Subaru if needed.

Elsewhere, Master Sergeant Ginga Nakajima arrives at the scene of an accident, where there has been an odd explosion on a transport truck. She is stunned to find what appears to be a lifepod at the scene of the accident as well as Gadget remains. At the same time, Doctor Scaglietti is getting a report on the same accident, where they’ve lost the Relic signals. The doctor wants to know if they got lucky, which appears to be the case. A mysterious girl named Noube asks to be sent to the scene, but Scaglietti does not want that. However, he does inform Lutecia of the Relic-based incident.

In the sewer, a young girl struggles to walk, chained to a couple of apparently heavy boxes which drag behind her. On the surface, Elio detects the sounds of her, so he and Caro go to investigate, where they spot the girl emerge from a manhole. They report their finding back to the team and because a Relic is involved, Hayate brings everyone back to active status. Tia and Subaru are dispatched to Elio and Caro’s location as the team mobilizes to secure both the girl and the Relic.

Thoughts: Sheeze. Did we REALLY need to fanservice Reinforce Zwei?

“Hey you horny guys! We know some of you have a thing for girls only six inches tall (or so) because you all got off on Hand Maid May. Therefore, enjoy some naked Rein-chan, y’all!”

I got a kick out of how Fate dotes on her two wards, Caro and Elio. It was just heart-warming knowing what she did for them and how much they appreciate her.

Speaking of Caro and Elio, they are a cute (if young) couple. ^_^

Finally, I’m glad the writers didn’t just have Caro and Elio or Tia and Subaru attacked while they were off. The episode ending with them finding the girl was fine though.

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