Negima! Vol 23 (Ch 210) *SPOILERS*

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 23 Chapter 210

Summary: At Chao Bao Zi (超包子), Satsuki serves customers Zazie, Eva, Chachamaru (one of the younger-looking copies), and Hakase (who’s working on copy-Chachamaru). Eva is bored and decides that it will be fun to dress all the girls up in elaborate dresses. However, fun is over all to soon and Eva is bored again.

In the Magic World in the skies over Ostia, Asakura (in child form) is winding Chachamaru (in child form) and commenting on how Chachamaru seems to enjoy it more when Negi winds her. So when Chachamaru tries to deny it, “Asakura-sama” winds her hard, something Sayo (in doll form) wonders if she should be seeing considering Chachamaru’s reaction to it.

Nodoka is with her fellow treasure hunters and trying out her two new artifacts — Auris Lectans, an ear piece which allows her to hear the words in her pactio diary artifact (Diarium Ejus), and Daemonia, which allows her to uncover the name of anyone. The test is very successful and she learns way more than she wanted to about her companions.

At school, Yue is making rapid progress but Collet discovers Yue’s one weakness — Yue’s need to go to the bathroom frequently and need to wear side-tie panties in order to use the bathroom.

Misora is sight seeing in the Magic World with Cocone and very excited by it all, forcing fellow companion Takana (Mei there as well) to chastise her for being so hyper. However, the news of the gate destruction has Mei and Takana freaking out while Misora begins to ponder living the rest of her life in the Magic World.

In Wales, Zazie calls Ayaka to let her know how things are. Hearing how much Ayaka is talking, Chizuru wonder who called. Hearing it is Zazie, the cheerleaders are stunned by this. Later, the cheerleader trio tease Fuka and Fumika about the disappearance of Negi and the others as Ayaka and Chizuru wonder what did happen to them.

On the Magic World, Jack is ready to train Negi more while Chisame reports that they still don’t know where Anya, Paru, and Yue are. Jack feels they are fine, but a small image of the forgotten Chamo shows that maybe he’s not doing so well.

Thoughts: Akamatsu-sensei returns to the mini-stories that are fun for fans and I’m guessing easy on him and his staff. It was fun seeing what Eva was up to as well as those left behind in Wales. It was also interesting that Akamatsu-sensei has brought Misora, Cocone, Mei, & Takana over to the Magic World prior to the gate destruction. Yeah, I’m guessing they’ll be in the big battle that’s soon to come.

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  1. I definitely agree w/AstroNerdBoy’s commentary this week. No need for the anger taken out on Chachamaru while she was away;p. Focusing on herself surely rid her of her child form … once and for all;)

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