Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS 19

魔法少女リリカルなのはStrikerS(ストライカーズ)Ep. 19
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Episode 19

SPOILER Summary: One week after the Combat Cyborg attack, Vice is still severely injured. Female pilot Alto takes over his job as the 6th Mobile Division’s helicopter pilot. The members of the 6th begin transferring to the old TSA cruiser Asura, where Lucino will be the navigator. Hayate calls a meeting on board ship where we learn that the Ground HQ is again not doing its job and that to get around the institutional road blocks, Hayate is having the 6th perform its chartered work on the Lost Logia known as Relics. Because Doctor Scaglietti has some, this is how the 6th can go after him without officially running afoul with the Ground HQ people.

Subaru receives her final check from Mary and is cleared for full duties. Her device, Mach Caliber, is still broken and Subaru feels badly about putting her partner through that. Mach Caliber has come up with a solution that will allow Subaru to use her combat cyborg abilities without damaging the device. This will mean that it will be heavier and harder to use but Subaru feels she can handle it. Mach Caliber promises to do more so that Subaru can go full strength, which touches Subaru.

Back on the ship, Nanoha and Raising Heart are talking when they come across Rein. She informs Nanoha that they will be removing the final limiter on the rookies’ devices. Nanoha wishes she had more time to train the rookies properly, but circumstances dictate otherwise. Rein feels they will master the final forms but she is worried about Nanoha using Raising Heart’s final mode, “Blaster Mode.” Nanoha states that this is her and Raising Heart’s ace up the sleeve and that Raising Heart’s normal mode will be fine, something the device agrees with. She further states (to herself?) that it is almost time for her to rescue Vivio.

Elsewhere on the ship, Elio and Signum are engaged in some one-on-one training in a giant, spacious room. Once done, she tells Elio that there’s nothing more she can teach him. Elio remarks on how he’s been able to borrow some moves from Signum by training with her. Leaving the training room, Signum finds Fate waiting outside and the two walk down the corridor, Fate thanking Signum for taking care of her child. Signum tells her that Elio is doing well and that she is shocked at how rapidly he learns and how his judgment gets better. Fate remarks that Nanoha trains them to do this and she feels the rookies can be as strong as they want to be.

Shamal is giving Vita an exam and is worried that Vita’s wounds heal slower and the damage she’s received doesn’t go away as easily, something they’ve known about for some time. Apparently, the Guardian Knight system is also acting up with the link between the knights and Hayate now weaker. Vita has heard enough and is preparing to leave the exam room. She theorizes that the problem isn’t in the Guardian Knight system, but that they are getting their wish finally. Prior to Hayate, they had been unable to die, but they had wanted to live their lives with Hayate once she became their master. As such, not being able to instantly recover or the like, but have to slowly heal and recover makes Vita feel like a normal human. Shamal can’t help but worry about them all and Vita tries to be reassuring.

Scaglietti has his Numbers attack General Geis’s Einherjar installations and destroy them all. Uno reports this to the doctor as she carries the unconscious Vivio (the Vessel of the Saint) to a cathedral-like chamber. The doctor’s dream has been to revive the Saint’s Cradle and that is about to happen. As they talk, Uno discovers intruders have infiltrated their base. She quickly detects and dispatches these shadow-like dogs. Outside the base at the entrance of the cave, Verossa and Sister Schach discuss what Verossa’s hunting dogs discovered. However, they quickly find themselves under attack from a large number of Gadgets.

On the Asura, Sheri receives a call from Verossa requesting support. He’s also requested support from the church now that they’ve found Scaglietti’s base. Hayate agrees but even as she does, they see that the Combat Cyborgs have broken off their attacks on the Einherjar and are moving to the Ground HQ. They also discover something shocking — Ginga appears to be working with the Combat Cyborgs. Even as Verossa and Sister Schach finish off the Gadgets, Scaglietti makes a communication to General Geis, the Saint Church, and the 6th were he shows off and announces the launch of the ancient battleship Saint’s Cradle. Vivio is plugged into the ship and her cries cut into Nanoha.

Thoughts: It was interesting how the writers apparently have Ginga brainwashed and working with the Combat Cyborgs but Vivio remains the same person — a frightened young girl. Then again, I think this works best. Subaru’s shock over her sister working with the enemy and potentially having to fight her for real (and I have no doubt this will happen) plays one emotional aspect while Nanoha’s horror over seeing this little girl she’s fallen in love with as if her own daughter plays the other. Realistically, I’d think you’d want Vivio under brainwashed control too, but I’ll let it pass for dramatic license.

Now that the Belkan battleship Saint’s Cradle has been revealed, the writers decision to destroy the 6th’s HQ and force them to transfer to the Asura makes more sense. Don’t get me wrong, I bought the move before the Saint’s Cradle was revealed because I believe the Asura was used in the first two Nanoha series and was Lindy’s command ship. As such, I’d seen how useful a mobile platform for launching missions can be. Now, I see a ship vs. ship confrontation coming.

Regarding the Guardian Knights (Wolkenritter), while I like how Vita viewed their inabilities to heal quickly and stuff as making them more human, I got the feeling the writers are setting up one of them (possibly Vita) to die. I didn’t realize how strong this was until I went to bed and dreamed I watched an episode where Shamal was the one to die. Killing off a hero character is always tough (even on the new Battlestar Galactica, where from week to week, you never know whom among the established characters might be killed off) and the impact would be great. I’d hate to see it happen because I like all of the core and supporting characters. We’ll see where the writers take this.

Overall, another good episode. I’m looking forward to seeing Nanoha go into “mama bear” mode and kick some serious butt of those who would dare hurt her Vivio.

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