Inuyasha Manga Volume 56 (finale)

犬夜叉 Volume 56
Inuyasha Volume 56

SPOILER Summary:

549-16-650aChapter 549 has Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, and Sesshoumaru continue to destroy the giant Naraku body from within and the Shikon no Tama has its light return. Chapter 550 has Naraku consume the jewel as the group continues to attack. Naraku prevents Kagome from shooting her arrows as his giant body closes in on Kaede’s village. Chapter 551 sees Sesshoumaru seriously damage Naraku’s humanoid form within the giant body as it begins to crash down to the village. In chapter 552 Kagome shoots and hits the Shikon no Tama. The remains of Naraku and the jewel hovers over the well as Naraku makes his wish and dies.

553-15-650A Meidou opens behind Kagome and swallows her in chapter 553, caused by Byakuya’s earlier attack on Kagome before his death. Inuyasha opens his own Meidou to follow Kagome. Meanwhile in the modern times, Kagome’s friends come to visit her since she missed her high school entrance ceremony as he well in the shrine disappears. Chapter 554 has Kagome as a normal high school girl, who can’t shake the feeling something is wrong. When she sees the tree Goshinboku, that Inuyasha had been sealed to, her memories return. However, now she’s actually in the real world and no one can see her. Chapter 555 sees Inuyasha make contact with Kagome’s family before encountering youkai where he learns that he’s inside the Shikon no Tama. The jewel has given Kagome a choice to make a wish and the darkness is closing in on her.

In chapter 556, Inuyasha learns that if Kagome makes a wish to return to the real world, she’ll take the miko Midoriko’s place within the jewel and Naraku will re-awaken to battle her forever. Inuyasha manages to make contact with Kagome in chapter 557, giving her hope. Tenseiga changes form for a Meidou after a light appears, thus Inuyasha cuts the light and appears with Kagome. Kagome makes her wish for the Shikon no Tama to disappear.

558-01 Sango with childrenChapter 558 takes place three years later in Kaede-sama’s village. Sango and Miroku have married and now have three children (twins and a newborn). Miroku earns a living with Inuyasha by getting rid of troublesome youkai, but for a high price. Shippou has worked to become a more powerful kitsune. Rin also lives in the village where one day, she can make a choice as to the path she will take. However, Kagome was sent to the modern times and has no way back to the past.

558-26-650Kagome has graduated from high school. While Inuyasha has accepted Kagome being with her family, Kagome has longed to be with Inuyasha. Standing over the well, she finally understands what it will take to return her to the past. Sure enough, the sky can be seen the the well’s bottom and with her mother seeing this as well, it is clear what Kagome will do. In the past, the twins are playing with Inuyasha when he detects Kagome’s scent. He returns to the well and pulls her out of it.

Kohaku works with Toutousai (who develops him weapons) and trains to be a Taijiya (youkai hunter). Kagome becomes a full time miko, training under Kaede. Sesshoumaru returns to the visit from time to time with gifts for Rin. Kagome addresses him as “oniisan” (using the Kanji for “brother-in-law”) which causes him and Inuyasha to give her ugly looks. However, she will live the rest of her life in the past with Inuyasha.


558-01 Kagome in high schoolI’m not even going to bother talking about the final battle with Naraku because as normal, it went on for way to long. The bit with the Shikon no Tama made sense though.

The end is what I’ll talk about. It is rather unfortunate that Kagome and Inuyasha never kissed. The perfect time was when he pulled her from the well. Ah, but Takahashi-sensei isn’t going to give us a kiss though. Since this wasn’t Maison Ikkoku, I guess we are just out of luck. Well, I guess there is a doujinshi artist or two in Japan who are working to fix that problem (and a whole lot more).

I liked seeing how everyone is in the future. I like Miroku being a faithful husband, even if he is still a scoundrel of sorts with his high prices for youkai extermination. *lol* I liked how Sesshoumaru continues to check in on Rin and give her presents. Kagome becoming a miko is no surprise though.

You know what I’d like Takahashi-sensei to do? A special chapter that is a comedy story taking place after all this. I’d love to see Kouga return with some clan mates to pay everyone a visit. I think that would be a hoot since he left the manga so long ago.

Ultimately, I’m glad this is finally over. The manga started off well enough for a shounen title, but after a few years, the constant moving of the goal to prevent the story from ending became tiresome. Combine that with near-zero character growth (discounting the obligatory power ups), and you’ve got a tedious manga.

Will I read another Takahashi-sensei title? I’m guessing I’ll at least check it out, but I don’t expect her to start a new one for a while. After all, it is time for a lengthy vacation, y’all.


Additional: You can read my parody piece on how Inuyasha would end, written many years ago, here.

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7 Responses to “Inuyasha Manga Volume 56 (finale)”

  1. Hughroe says:

    The lady does like to go on (and on) in her stories doesn’t she?

    Maison Ikkoku, Inuyasha, both could have been halved and turned out a bit more enjoyable, at least to me.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I loved Maison Ikkoku to be sure. I stayed with Inuyasha despite long bouts of just not being enthused about reading another chapter (but then I’d hear some buzz about a new development and I’d have to get caught up).

    Well, the one thing that you can say is that the Inuyasha ending, while not as good as Maison Ikkoku, is better than Ranma 1/2 or Urusei Yatsura (I’ve not read the later, but I believe those who have).

  3. Wa… Finally an Ending for the long InuYasha Series… Wanted to buy the Manga a long time ago but wanted to find out the ending first now I can safely buy the Manga… Love Happy Endings

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is the most tedious manga I’ve ever read from Takahashi, maybe it’s her worst work. I think that both Ranma’s and Maison Ikkoku’s ending were better than this; those two were unnecesarily too long also, but didn’t enjoy the way too many times shark jumping record of Inuyasha. Can’t say anything about Uruseri Yatsura, I’m still in my way to read it.

  5. AstroNerdBoy says:

    The manga started off interesting enough but after a few years, it just became the same old, same old and I grew so weary of it. At least there is a resolution here to Kagome and Inuyasha’s life together whereas in “Ranma 1/2,” there’s no resolution.

    “Maison Ikkoku” had the best ending IMO.

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  7. […] the stuff you see out of these episodes.  Plus, the series did do one thing that I lamented the manga series did not do. It allowed Kagome and Inuyasha to kiss after he rescued her from the Shikon no Tama, […]

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