Keroro Gunsou 50

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 50
(Sgt. Frog anime, episode 50)

SPOILER Summary:

Keroro Gunsou 50Giroro is rewatching a DVD showing the platoon before they left for the invasion and an interview where Giroro stated that no woman would distract him. Realizing that he’s allowed Natsumi to distract him, Giroro decides its time to take their chief obstacle down. Kururu, Tamama, and Keroro think of “Evil-sama” that is Natsumi to them and Giroro can’t help but think of “Angel-sama” that is Natsumi to him. However, Giroro decides he won’t be defeated and the others go along as it is just easier. Dororo overhears this, but sadly, an electric barrier has been raised around the home. The platoon destroys all the phones in the Hinata home before distracting Fuyuki and challenging Natsumi.

Keroro Gunsou 50Natsumi heads to to base to take care of the frogs, Tamama detecting her power levels rising. Kururu activates their final weapon, a humanoid suit they’ve named “Kaasan” (mom). Keroro enters the suit and attempts to act like Aki-san, but instead takes a massive beating from Natsumi, which leads to the damaging of some equipment. Giroro has had enough and puts a gun to her head to end this. However, Natsumi collapses unconscious with a fever. Keroro reports this to Fuyuki who finds her temperature is 40.2ºC (104.4ºF). However, while the platoon is very worried about Natsumi, with the phones destroyed and the barrier preventing anyone from leaving (Natsumi having damaged the equipment that would take the barrier down), they are stuck.

Keroro Gunsou 50Giroro decides that he has to save Natsumi by obtaining a Cerberus liver. As such, he endures the great pain and manages to pass out of the barrier. Heading to an underground alien shop, he finds that there are no Cerberus livers, but the shop owner does have a live, three-headed dog. However, it escaped its enclosure and is causing problems for the owner’s other stocks of rare plants and stuff. So, if Giroro can take the beast down, the liver is his. As such, Giroro goes on a hunt and wages a battle against the beast until he finally wins. Returning home with the liver (again, having to pass through the barrier), a sleepy Keroro consumes the liver (which cures all ills) and finds himself powered up. However, Natsumi is still doing poorly.

Keroro Gunsou 50Tamama tries to find a way to bring down the barrier, using Dororo as a guinea pig, and eventually succeeds. However, Natsumi appears to be dying and Giroro doesn’t want her to go. Kururu arrives with a vaccine and Natsumi is cured. Aki-san arrives and apologizes for not being there. In a flashback, we see that Kururu had created the virus for Natsumi under Keroro’s orders, but Keroro had forgotten about it. How Natsumi came in contact with the virus, no one knows but now better, she is not happy with Keroro. However, now that she’s cured, she goes to help treat Giroro’s wounds. She wonders what he wanted to tell her, so he says it is to remind her they are enemies. So, Natsumi agrees that once he’s well, they’ll have a fair fight, which Giroro agrees to.


Keroro Gunsou 50I seem to remember that the core of this story is a manga chapter, but the anime goes well beyond whatever the manga had. Regardless, this episode is mildly amusing but not much more than that. We already know that when push comes to shove, Giroro will go to the ends of the Earth for Natsumi no matter how tough he tries to act. Also, we knew that Natsumi wouldn’t go for Keroro’s weapon, but I still enjoyed watching her give him a beating.

So entertaining, mildly amusing, but not much beyond that.

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  1. […] The first story with Keroro being gravely ill was pretty much by the numbers. I did chuckle at how Dororo had to knock out Mois to keep her from destroying the Earth when things looked bad for Keroro. I liked the continuity element with the Space Cerberus liver, which came up in episode 50. […]

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