Negima! Vol 24 (Ch 215) *SPOILERS*

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 24 Chapter 215

Summary: Negi asks Asuna if she’s been having weird dreams or visions. She confesses she has, dreaming of a younger Takahata-sensei, Nagi, Al, and others. She wonders if this makes her weird, but then challenges Negi on how he knows about this. He covers by saying it is a disease going around and that he has medicine for her condition. She takes it, but then challenges him on whether he’s holding out on her. Fortunately for Negi, Jack arrives. He remarks on how big she’s gotten and pokes a finger at one of her breasts, leading Asuna to punch him in the face very hard.

At a restaurant, Jack is introduced to Konoka, Setsuna, and Kaede. Immediately, Setsuna and Kaede exit the booth and take a knee to “Rakan-dono,” knowing his reputation and power. He waves off their formality. Konoka realizes that a friend of Nagi’s must mean Jack is a friend of her father’s as well. He compliments her, saying he’s amazed her father was able to produce such a beautiful girl. Kaede and Setsuna discuss how Jack is different from Al or Eishun (Konoka’s father), but Asuna just calls him a pervert. Setsuna figures that with Jack on their side, things look pretty good. However, Jack states he’s not fighting for them as people need to stand on their own. For 5-million, he’ll help though.

With that established, Negi lays out their three objectives. First, free Ako and the others. To do that, Negi and Kotaro will fight in the tournament and win the money needed to free them. Second is to get the group back together. Chachamaru, Asakura, and Sayo (unmentioned) are attempting to find their missing people. Third is to find the surviving gate to get them back to Earth. To accomplish this, he assigns Setsuna and Kaede to search the monster-filled remains of the floating islands that have fallen from the sky during the war. They are honored that Negi would trust them with such a task. Negi tells Asuna and Konoka they can’t go because there are greater dangers than monsters. Setsuna realizes he’s refering to Fate. Jack figures they will encounter Fate again and that he’s likely a surviving enemy that Ala Rubra fought during the war. While Jack didn’t pay attention to the details, he seems to think that their enemies wanted to destroy the world.

On a large rock above the clouds, Fate and Tsukuyomi observe New Ostia and talk of the forthcoming Festival of Peace. Fate notices something and forces Tsukuyomi to hide as a giant, flying submarine from another nation (Ariadne) emerges from the clouds briefly before disappearing in them again. Tsukuyomi wonders if they should be here, leading Fate to point out that there are ships from many nations here undercover. The Festival of Peace is one in name only. Thanks to their presence, it makes Fate and companies ability to move near New Ostia easier. Tsukuyomi ponders what Fate’s true objective is. He seems a little surprised by the question and says it is to save the world. He receives a telepathic signal produces five (pactio?) cards. Five girls, Shirabe, Homura, Shiori, Koyomi, and Tamaki teleport in and take a knee to “Fate-sama.”

Thoughts: OK, just what has Negi learned about Asuna? Maybe he took a loan with Jack or something. *lol* Regardless, why did Negi feel the need to suppress Asuna’s memories (or rather, reinforce what was there) and make a cover story for what Asuna is going through? The only thing I can think of is that Asuna might be a danger to everyone. I think back to the Mahora Festival where Al triggered a memory of Gateau by Asuna, leading her to go berserk and attempt to kill Setsuna. I suppose Asuna could do the same again, so better to keep her under control. That might also explain why Negi wants to keep her close.

So, Fate appears to have scored himself some pactio’s. Figures. After all, Akamatsu-sensei has been building and building on the side of Negi by increasing potential allies, but now Fate is given some more folks to fight with him. Their uniforms suggest a school, so they may be part of the honor guard that Yue and company will be part of.

I wonder why Paru and Anya have been avoided by Akamatsu-sensei. I can almost see Paru getting caught up in some nefarious thing or other. For Anya, I think of the Negima!? anime where Anya’s character is a problem for Negi due to her jealousy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Pretty interesting that Fate has pactios.

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