Starship Troopers 06 (finale)

Uchu no Senshi Ep. 06 (OVA)
宇宙の戦士 Episode 06 (Anime)

SPOILER Summary: After Johnnie attends a briefing on the destruction of the Saratoga (where there’s also a rumor of an escape pod having been launched from the ship), he goes to exercise and think of Carmencita. Afterward, Azuma talks with him, where Johnnie wonders aloud where people go when they die. The Rodger Young arrives at the Klendathu System and it is time for the troopers to deploy. Azuma is scared and so brings his music with him, even though he’s not supposed to. After the pods are dropped (each containing a single battle suit), the aliens on the ground begin attacking with plasma, destroying many of the incoming armored suits.

Sgt. Dan has his troops attack. As they move forward, they discover the “base” of the aliens, which is a mass swarm of the creatures, almost merged together into a single mass. Sgt. Dan heads down to attack it, telling his new recuirts to stay behind, but in the end, they join him. The battle wages and after taking down an aerial alien creature, Azuma starts to wonder about the morality of killing these living things. However, the alien puts an end to Azuma when it self-destruct, killing him and injuring Johnnie. Johnnie is about to give up, but then finds the courage to live. As such, he’s able to rescue Sgt. Dan from the clutches of the alien mass and the troopers attack with everything they have.

Sometime later, Johnnie is at a crowded military hospital, having been treated for wounds received in combat. A nurse comes through looking for him and upon finding him, tells him to report to the observation lounge. Reluctantly, he takes a crutch and makes his way there. Upon arriving, he’s stunned to see a bandaged Carmencita there waiting for him. Johnnie makes it there as best and as fast as he can and has to be caught by Carmencita when he stumbles. Taking her hand, Johnnie decides to tell her what he’s longed to tell her. As she waits with tears in her eyes for him to say the magic words, he starts to say…

Thoughts: So, Carmencita survived. Well, I guess there had to be some sort happy ending, eh? The fact that the episode just cut off without Johnnie actually getting to tell Carmencita his feeling for her (or rather, cutting off as he was starting to tell her) was annoying as all get out.

Now that the series is over, I can say that it was OK, but it also sucked. After six episodes, what did we get? Sadly, quite a few deaths and not much else. I’m not sure if Pat, Smith, Cherenkov, or Sgt. Dan survived the attack because things just end. There’s no real point to the series beyond maybe saying that being in the military, especially during a time of war, sucks.

In the end, this series is really disappointing. I’ll be giving it a “watch” on my CAR review ( pretty low rating).

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3 Responses to “Starship Troopers 06 (finale)”

  1. anthony says:

    The point of Starship Troopers is about a soldier’s life and man is a wild animal. This anime is at least true to the plot, setting and tech specs of the novel yet ignoring some the the themes of the book. The anime takes place between chapters 2-10 of the book’s 14 chapters, so it’s only half the story, and the aliens are suppose to be a civilization, equipped with beam weapons, spaceship and gigging machines. I highly recommend seeking out this novel; it is by Robert A. Heinlein, who passed away at the time this ova was made. Lastly SST was released in 1959 and served as Yoshiyuki Tomino’s inspiration to create Gundam in 1979.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I suppose that had the anime done the entire novel, it would have been better all the way around. I have heard a lot of good things about the novel so I guess I should pick it up and read it.

  3. anthony says:

    Definetly grab it! It’s pretty common in book stores and an interesting read. Another thing I should tell you about the novel is that it has 3 battles but the fights are long and well detailed. Some of the best parts that was left out entirely was a trial held, 2 flogging scenes and a hamgging scene. There’s also a second race of aliens the humans fight in Chapter one: The Skinnies. With all that said, SST is a must read!

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