Dirty Pair OVA 09

ダーティペア OVA Episode 09
Dirty Pair OAV 09

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: A troop of rebel soldiers, anticipating an end to the war they are in, is attacked by a group of five superior soldiers who start slaughtering all the rebels. One of the rebels manages to nick one of the attackers in the ear with his shot before getting shot himself. The shot super soldier’s ear starts to spark. Sometime later in the capital, Yuri and Kei show up to be briefed by the President on this case, where the attack by the five soldiers has ruined peace talks. Before they enter the President’s office, an older, rich, perverted man exits and tries to embrace Yuri, who avoids the gun dealer. However, he manages to cop a feel of both Kei and Yuri’s butt before leaving.

After being briefed, Yuri and Kei take a military vehicle into the ruined rebel city. They encounter an armed kid and stop, where the rebels surround the two girls. They show one of the rebel leaders that they are looking for the five soldiers that derailed the peace process. He takes them to the main rebel leader, Brast, who provides the duo with an armed escort into the jungle, where they nearly run over one of the soldiers they are looking for. However, he’s clutching a photo of himself and family and the device on his head is sparking. Kei and Yuri realize the importance of this escape with him as the rebels come under attack from the other four soldiers.

When Kei and Yuri return back to the rebel base, they discover Masoho concluding a deal with Brast for making a delivery. Before taking off, he tries to get a look at their captured soldier, but they deny him access and he takes off, making a radio call. One of the rebel techs discovers the device on the soldier is controlling the soldier. However, the damage the device received is making is short out which is why the soldier has regained some control. Yuri works the equipment to try to give the soldier more control. Because of this, they learn the soldier’s name is McMurphy and that he’s not even from this planet, but had been kidnapped and the control device was installed by Masoho.

Masoho has ordered the remaining four soldiers to attack the rebels and they begin wiping out all the rebel forces. Though still having difficulties, McMurphy asks to be allowed to take care of this problem. He exits the building and with a couple of grenades, taking out to of the four soldiers and himself. Kei and Yuri manage to get the best of the two remaining soldiers, but now, everyone is dead. Kei and Yuri want revenge, so as Masoho leaves the planet with a fleet, the Lovely Angel intercepts them. Kei and Yuri exit their ship in EVA suits and rocket launchers, where they then take revenge on the advancing fleet.

Thoughts/Review: The problem with this episode was that the moment Masoho showed up at the rebel base after having been at the government office (where I figured he would have something to do with the problems on this planet), I knew he was the one behind keeping the war going. That kind of made the whole rest of the story an exercise in going through the motions.

Also, what happened with Lovely Angel’s weapons? Seriously, do you attack a fleet of ships by exiting your ship in EVA suits and rocket launchers? Apparently that’s how we do things now, y’all.

Too bad these episodes are written so poorly at times.

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