Ah! My Goddess Ch. 232 *SPOILERS*

Ah! My Goddess Manga/Oh My Goddess! Manga
ああっ女神さまっVolume 37 Chapter 232

Summary/Synopsis: Belldandy sings a recovery spell for Chrono, which Chihiro questions, leading Keiichi to make up a story which Chihiro believes. After making an unintended insult to Chihiro’s shop, Chrono then flubs up her greeting. Belldandy tries to help but flubs it up to and can’t get it right. She then remembers that she broke the Melody Ball and races out to recover the program inside. She can’t find it and is depressed about how clumsy she is and how much of a failure she is. Belldandy comes up and buys her a soft-serve ice cream cone, which cheers Chrono temporarily.

Chrono explains to Belldandy that she was supposed to deliver the Melody Ball with the Note Tuner Program so that Belldandy could sing it. Belldandy assures Chrono that no one is without mistakes and it is how people deal with their mistakes that is important. This cheers Chrono.

Keiichi comes home to find Chrono waiting for him with a greeting. Urd tells the naive Chrono that she was supposed to address Keiichi as “master” in the greeting. Keiichi learns exactly what has happened and wonders what the problem is. According to Belldandy, if they don’t recover the program, songs will disappear from the world.

Thoughts/Review: I see Fujishima-sensei has decided to go down the “Baka Bell” road. {hick voice} “Hey, its funny when Belldandy is stupider than a squashed apricot. Hyuck!hyuck!hyuck! Hey! I just got me a better idear. Let’s make Chrono even dumber. That’d be a hoot, y’all.”

No, it is not funny, Fujishima-sensei. I know the anime production team thinks it is, but it isn’t.

I don’t dig the angst-filled goddess who’s always screwing up. That said, I figure there are people who can relate to Chrono’s problem though. Fortunately, I’m not one of them. ^_~

Oh well. You know I’ll keep reading though. ^_^;

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