Keroro Gunsou 53

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 53
Sgt. Frog anime, episode 53
Keroro Gunsou anime, episode 53

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Natsumi and Fuyuki are watching a TV program on alien connections to Earth landmarks. Keroro hears this and figures this is previous aliens who had invaded. So he enlists Fuyuki to aid him, Kururu, and Tamama to check out these sites. First up are the Great Pyramids. After an investigation on site, Kururu determines that the aliens from Nigeru’s 5th planet had created the Great Pyramids to be a haunted house. Next up is Machu Picchu, which surely must be an ancient space port. Instead, it is the remains of an alien jest coaster. Stonehenge turned out to be a giant stove for cooking. Easter Island turned out to be a Whac-a-Mole game. Depressed, Keroro returns with the others to the Hinata home, with an Easter Island head as a souvenir.

Moa-chan returns from wherever she was at and immediately begins trying to destroy the Earth again. However, her blows cause all the sakura to fall off the cherry trees, interfering with Keroro’s current invasion plan. Keroro tries to get Kururu to help restore the cherry blossoms, but he’s not interested. Moa has a way, but hearing this makes Kururu suddenly interested in helping. As Keroro and Fuyuki go through various steps from a Japanese children’s story, Kururu arrives with his invention. However, it will require Moa-chan to make a sacrifice of the one she loves. She sacrifices this in the furnace so that the resulting ash causes the sakura to bloom again. Keroro is happy until he touches a sakura petal and feels great pain and loss. That’s because Moa-chan is burning all of Keroro’s Gunpla.

Thoughts/Review: I knew they would go to Easter Island in this episode. That will conflict with a future manga story (future in terms of the anime production). However, I’m sure the writers will come up with some way to deal with this and not ignore it since Alisa-chan is in it. Still, it was amusing to see how these famous landmarks were simply used for alien amusement or cooking.

Moa-chan returns (finally). No Giroro though or Dororo. I wonder why the writers went this way for the show. I don’t see a reason to re-introduce all the characters again.

There weren’t a lot of laughs here, but the rapid-grow tree moment was pretty funny.

I’m going to take a wild guess and say that the 2nd season will be mostly anime-original episodes. We’ll see how they hold up.

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