Mai Otome 0~S.ifr~ (OVA) 02

Mai Otome 0~S.ifr~ (OVA) 02
舞-乙HiME 0~S.ifr~ Episode 02 (OAV)
My-Otome Sifr episode 02

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

After her battle with M-9, the unconscious Lena (aka: Rena) is sent flying through the desert. However, instead of crashing hard into the ground, two giant, golden energy wings emerge from her body, causing her to softly land on her back before the wings vanish. This is all observed by the young male scientist Shiro, who takes the nearly completely naked Lena into his trailer, noting an odd birthmark under her left breast.

Meanwhile in a small town bar, Meister Elliot is performing a strip tease for a bunch of male customers while Bruce (flanked by Meister Raquel and Sister Shion in maid outfits) plays cards with an older man named Okuzaki. Bruce loses the game but gains information on where Sifr likely has been taken. The trio leave, followed by Elliot who’s trying to put her clothing back on. However, all of this was observed by another Otome (Sakura), who decides that she and Okuzaki need make a bet of their own.

The Schwarz are taking Sifr to their base and on their journey, John Smith decides to impart some information to the girl, namely that Bruce is the King of Windbloom and she’s actually a member of the royal family. This he knows because and because M-9 reacted to Sifr, something that would not happen if Sifr was not of the House of Windbloom. John Smith further states that because Sifr’s birth was outside of what the Windbloom normally allow (controlling their birth rates) and because she is a Weaver, both the Windbloom and the Garderobe want her dead, but the Schwarz are there to help Sifr.

In a hotel room, Elliot weeps over what she had to do in the bar, which amuses Raquel since Elliot feels she can no longer become anyone’s wife. She’s also upset that she failed Lena. Raquel and Shion confer, realizing that Elliot’s actions were ordered by the Headmistress of the Garderobe, meaning the Garderobe already know Sifr’s identity. Bruce enters the room as it is time to leave, stating they are going after Sifr.

Elliot wants to know why they don’t go after Lena and why Bruce isn’t angry with her. Bruce reminds Elliot that since he’s still alive, Lena is fine. As such, Lena will come to save Sifr and Bruce wants Elliot to help in this regard. Shion and Raquel give their support to Elliot and she is now OK with the situation.

Back at Shiro’s trailer, Lena tossing in her sleep accidentally knocks over a container with a preserved lizard in it. She wakes up and screams when she sees it. Shiro races into the trailer to see what the matter is as Lena runs into his arms. Backing away, she realizes that she’s naked and upon getting embarrassed, screams and literally kicks the guy out of the trailer quite some distance.

Shiro’s little brother Reito comes in, upset at what Lena has done. Since she’s still naked, Lena races back into the trailer as the annoyed Reito begins to set off to find his brother. However, he’s startled when the android Miyu arrives (with her yellow bird) to pay Lena a visit.

At the Garderobe Academy, the Headmistress Una Shamrock is briefed on Raquel and Elliot as well as how Lena has apparently disappear. Maria enters the hallway to caution Una on the use of the Otome for this mission Una’s about to undertake. With that, Una (who’s one of the five Columns), Meister Rei (also a Column), Meister Iruma (also a Column), and Meister Kyoko set out to attack the Weaver (Sifr) in a larger, armored carrier and are seen off by Maria.

In the desert, Elliot is driving the car carrying Bruce, Shion, and Raquel. Shion is not happy with the bumpy ride though Raquel sleeps through it. Bruce spots they are being tailed by an Otome and indeed, Meister Iruma has located their car and reported it to Headmistress Una. Another GEM is briefly seen on their radar, which Una realizes must be Sakura. Indeed it is Sakura, who is on a desert yacht who figures the Otome must have detected her by now. However, she’s annoyed by the perverted speakings coming from her young male master.

Meanwhile at Shiro’s camp, Lena is preparing a meal in a large pot and upon entering Shiro’s tent, she discovers a book that is opened to a page where a birthmark similar to her own is discussed. She’s interrupted by Miyu, who’s about to depart. Apparently, M-9 is on the move and Miyu reveals M-9 is her “little sister.” Further, M-9 is the only android that has the power of Shinso Fumi. Since M-9 is no doubt analyzing the battle data from her fight with Lena, Miyu needs to defeat M-9 before she gets any stronger. Lena wants to come along to help Sifr, but Miyu refuses since Lena’s Otome gem has been destroyed.

The Schwarz finally arrive at their base with Sifr. Sifr sees a number of (space?) shuttle craft and the blonde-haired kid gives orders to hurry preparations for the following day’s launch. Outside nearby, Una waits to see what move the Schwarz and Bruce will make as Bruce is also nearby, their car hiding behind a large boulder.

Back at Shiro’s camp, Lena bandages up his injured foot and they talk about her birthmark and its resemblance to the mark of the HiME. She reveals her fears regarding her Otome powers since the GEM’s have never been powerful enough to contain them. Shiro makes an offer that Lena can live with him if she likes (which could be interpreted as a proposal, though he didn’t mean it that way). After falling over because of the pain in his foot, a case falls out of his pocket. He tells Lena it is from Miyu and it contains two blue GEMs and a note from Lena’s mother.

As darkness falls, the Garderobe armored vehicle comes under attack from the Schwarz as Bruce and company make their move. The vehicle returns fire with Kyoko, Iruma, and Rei getting on top of the craft to fight off the SLAVEs that are attacking. Raquel attacks the main gate of the underground Schwarz base forcing John Smith and escorts to take Sifr to one of the shuttles.

Bruce and Shion enter the launch bay from the other side as an invisible Elliot gets close enough to disarm the Schwarz. However, because of what John Smith had told Sifr earlier, she doesn’t trust them, especially Elliot. Elliot gives up her advantage to take a knee to Sifr and apologize, giving John Smith and company time to get Sifr to the shuttle. Understanding some of the truth, Sifr wants to speak more with Bruce, but John Smith won’t allow it.

M-9 enters the fray and takes out the bridge that would allow Bruce and Shion to make it to the shuttle. Elliot battles M-9, only to discover that M-9 is using Lena’s abilities. Bruce and Shion make it back to the control room but are unable to stop the launch. Elliot is defeated by M-9 but before the android can make the kill, she’s stopped by Miyu; the two androids now battle.

Bruce sends a message to the shuttle so that Sifr can hear, causing her to now have faith in Bruce. M-9 defeats Miyu and makes it to the shuttle as it lifts off. Una orders an attack on the shuttle, but the shuttle is shielded by Raquel. Raquel and Elliot then take off in pursuit of the shuttle as Lena arrives on the scene with Shiro, now sporting her new blue GEM earrings.


I have to say that this was another good episode. I like the political machinations even if I’m not entirely sure why Sifr is such a threat. Actually, I’m not really sure what a “Weaver” is (beyond waking up M-9). However, it is interesting to see the Garderobe be at odds with the Windbloom.

Mai Otome 0~S.ifr~ (OVA) 02

Speaking of the Garderobe, I liked seeing the young Maria here. I found it interesting that at this point in her life, she’s not known as “Miss Maria,” but rather “Maria-sensei.” I suppose Maria earned the “Miss” title after she became an older woman.

Mai Otome 0~S.ifr~ (OVA) 02

I wonder if Shiro will be the one Lena marries to bear Arika. Certainly the indications have been given based on their little conversation with Shiro’s invitation for Lina to live with him (if she chose to flee from being an Otome).

Mai Otome 0~S.ifr~ (OVA) 02

The wild card in all this is Sakura and her master. I wonder what role they’ll play.

Considering Miyu is in Mai Otome, no worries on her being OK in the end. I do hope we learn a bit more information about her before the series is over (reportedly with episode 3).


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  1. So where can I buy this? is this at some random bestbuy or it is internt worthy to go and buy it off some sites i shop at. Im very impressed with the overall background info on it. Kool

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Unfortunately, you’d have to import it from Japan at this time because it hasn’t been licensed for the U.S. yet. ^_^; YesAsia or CDJapan should have it though. However, you’ll need a DVD player that can play R2 DVD’s and OAV DVD’s are quite expensive.

  3. oh okay i shop at cd japan i can take care of the dvd issue. thanks 4 respondin

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    You’re welcome and thanks for writing. ^_^

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