Keroro Gunsou 70

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 70
Sgt. Frog anime, 70
Keroro Gunsou episode 70

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Keroro has the platoon working a simulation on an invasion of Earth, which he is having Kururu film for Keroro’s report to HQ, which is already late. While Giroro is enthused by this training, he’s suspicious that Keroro plans to use the footage to pretend they are actually invading rather than working a simulation. Keroro promises that this isn’t the case. However, as they continue, Kururu brings in Natsumi, who is given a forced costume change into a superhero costume. Now known as Super Natsumi, Natsumi is annoyed with this latest scheme of Keroro’s and she defeats the platoon.

Understanding that Kururu’s simulation takes in all data, meaning that Natsumi could do this with Mutsumi’s help, Keroro comes up with a way to defeat her — the Numenume (Slime) Cannon. He fires but the attack is blocked by Fuyuki, who’s now Super Fuyuking. Fuyuki pleads with Keroro to abandon his plans to attack Earth. Keroro accepts and comes out to embrace Fuyuki, but is attacked by Momoka, now known as Super Momokaiser. With this failure, Keroro produces the Numenume Numenume (Slimy Slimy) Canon. He fires, but Super Mama takes the hit, enjoying the slippery feeling of the slime. With this final defeat, Keroro sees his bonus and latest Gunpla fade away.

It is early in the morning and Koyuki is up making an omusubi (onigiri or “rice ball”) for her planned picnic with Natsumi, where they will share bentos. Her omusubi looks like a cannon ball and appears to weigh like one too. After meeting up with Natsumi and picking out a spot to eat lunch, Koyuki is impressed with Natsumi’s bento and its traditional omusubi. She’s embarrassed by hers and when Natsumi has her bring it out, Koyuki claims it is a ninja weapon. She drops it and it rolls down a hill down into a deep hole. Koyuki wants to leave well enough alone but Natsumi won’t hear of it.

The two of them head below ground and are soon captured by an alien race known as the Nezumin (Mouse People). They are upset that their spacecraft has been so heavily damaged by Koyuki’s “weapon” and they are going to be made to work to pay off the debt to fix the craft. Back and the Keron base, Keroro is convinced to rescue Natsumi in order to get on her good side. So he and the platoon arrive and challenge the Nezumin to a sumo match. While Dororo and Tamama win, Kururu and Giroro lose. That leaves Keroro, who’s sumo belt is a gravity belt. However, he turns it up too much and sinks through the sumo ring into the ground and loses.

Koyuki breaks free from her confinement and confesses that the “weapon” is actually an omusubi. The Nezumin don’t believe it but Natsumi takes several bites out of this cannon-ball looking omusubi and says it is really good. With that out of the way, the Nezumin decide to forgive the debt since the damage wasn’t intentional and Natsumi gives the trapped Keroro some of her omusubi as a reward for at least trying to save her.


We get a couple of enjoyable and amusing stories this time around. I liked the obvious Superman parody elements done with Natsumi in the first story, followed by a sudo Justice League-type parody when Fuyuki, Momoka, and Aki-san were added. Even though it was predictable, I did chuckle with each failure Keroro’s platoon suffered.

For the second story, the sumo parody was also amusing. I’d forgotten about Giroro’s special belt with Natsumi’s picture in it until this episode. I has wondered how Giroro would be beaten otherwise. ^_^ I was a bit grossed out by the thought of Natsumi eating Koyuki’s omusubi after it had rolled so far away, down a deep hole in the ground, and basically destroyed the Nezumin’s ship.

Still, a fun episode all-around.

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