Macross Frontier 22

マクロスF Episode 22
Macross F Ep. 22
Macross Frontier Anime

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Leon chats with Grace about Ranka’s and Brera’s surprise departure after which Leon receives a report that Frontier only has three more months left based on current conditions. Meanwhile, Luca, Alto, and another SMS pilot test the new VF-171EX fighter and the MDE warheads that use fold-ore to kill Vajra. Since they are employing a fold-wave suppression field of a 100KM radius, the can prevent the Vajra from reporting on these new weapons and thus adapting to them. Luca and Alto are determined to defeat the Vajra.

Sheryl, now managed by Elmo, sings a charity event that is broadcast around Frontier. The bridge girls see this and note how she seems different and better than before. After Sheryl sings, she’s summoned to see the new president. Luca gives her the information which states that she has the V-type virus and basically is going to die. Sheryl doesn’t react to the news in a negative way, so Luca reveals that her singing uses fold-waves, similar to what Ranka’s did, only weaker. They suspect that Sheryl’s earrings cause the fold-waves to be amplified though, so Leon asks Sheryl to take the traitor Ranka’s place.

Bobby finds Ozama and Cathy in the ruins on Frontier and gets them safely back to Macross Quarter. Canaria hands Ozama a letter from Ranka, confirming Ranka has made her own decisions. Cathy and Ozama report to the captain the truth behind Leon’s ascendance to the presidency. Captain Wilder informs them that he has received an unofficial communication from Bilrer that the SMS will be absorbed into the NUNS as an official military unit. Elsewhere on the ship, Klan talks with Alto about him not making the same mistake with Sheryl that she and Micheal made with each other.

Shery is driven back to Saotome estate and is surprised to find Alto there waiting for her. She collapses and is put into bed. Back on Macross Quarter, Cathy and Ozama send a message to the SMS staff to find out whom their allies and enemies are. Alto gets the message and checks on Sheryl. He tells her she doesn’t have to sing but is surprised when she cries and tells him that singing is all she has and is the proof to show she lived. So, he decides that he will stay with her to the end. She asks him for some courage and as the camera pulls away, it appears that Alto kisses her.

In space, Ranka is taking a space walk and points out to Brera the direction they need to go to Ai-kun’s home world. Back on Frontier, Leon has sent troops to where Grace has been hiding and have a message for her — there can be only one ruler of the galaxy. Grace agrees to this as the troops open fire. At the same time, Leon gives a speech to rouse the people on Frontier to completely annihilate the Frontier.

On Macross Quarter, 70% of the SMS staff have reported for duty based on Cathy and Ozama’s e-mail. Captain Wilder has stated that since they cannot serve President Leon Mishima’s administration, they have one path open to them — piracy. Their first act of piracy is to commandeer the Macross Quarter. They launch with their air wing on standby. Leon is informed by this at the end of his speech; he expected this to happen. Sheryl begins to sing after the speech as the NUNS 4th squadron launches to intercept. Klan, in normal form, salutes the Macross Quarter as it leaves Frontier.

In the 4th squadron, both Alto and Luca are flying in their new fighters and order Macross Quarter to stop. Captain Wilder is not impressed with their new toys, so Ozama leads his squadron out to protect the Macross Quarter until it can fold out. During the fight, Ozama and Alto talk. Alto cannot understand this act of betrayal on the part of his former comrades. Ozama tells Alto that he’s making a choice, just as Ranka made hers. Ozama’s choice is the one he feels will allow him to protect the women he loves. Alto is angry by this but his squadron is disabled by Ozama’s, allowing the Macross Quarter to escape.

Ranka has lead Brera to the Vajra home world. Grace discovers this and is ecstatic, having slaughters all of Leon’s soldiers sent to kill her.

Thoughts/Review: Wow. I didn’t expect for the Macross Quarter to become a pirate ship, nor did I expect Alto to not join them. I could understand Luca since he’d been working with Leon. I wonder why Klan did not join them. Clearly, she’s not an enemy as she saluted the ship when it left. I suppose she could be a mole left behind to report on the activities of Macross Frontier to the Macross Quarter.

So, if Macross Quarter is now a pirate ship, what do they do as pirates? I can’t imagine they would be traditional pirates, but maybe they are information pirates to rally other colony ships or the Zentradi to oppose Leon.

So, with Alto appearing to have kissed Sheryl, does this mean he’s made a choice finally? I’m not sure. Since Ranka has made her choice to leave with Brera to help Ai-kun, she seems much stronger to me as a person. So, even if she returns to find Alto coupled with Sheryl, it won’t be the devastating blow it was earlier. I still believe that the resolution in the end will be Sheryl and Ranka together singing whatever song.

I’m glad that Elmo is now Sheryl’s manager. It just seems like justice and as my friend Taco’s Rule often says, “karma.” After having been screwed out of Ranka, he now has a verified star.

An interesting episode to be sure. Some nice action and nice story progression with unexpected (but good) twists.

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