Space Battleship Yamato 13

Uchuu Senkan Yamato Episode 13
宇宙戦艦ヤマト Ep. 13 (TV, Anime)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: As Supreme Leader Desler relaxes in his giant indoor onsen, he receives a report that General Domel has returned from a successful military campaign at Ruby Line. Sometime later, General Domel arrives in an open vehicle, waving to the throngs of Gamilus people who are celebrating his return. Arriving at the base of the steps to where Desler waits, the crowd chants both Domel’s and Desler’s name. Domel climbs all of the steps where he’s then given a medal by Desler. Domel informs Desler that he’s aware of the Yamato situation and requests permission to take care of it. Desler laughs, remarking that he’ll have to give Domel another medal for his vacation. Thus, Domel has the assignment.

Back with Yamato, the Black Tiger Squadron has engaged a squadron of Gamilus fighters. The Black Tiger’s are able to defeat the Gamilus fighters. Susumu orders that the remaining, fleeing fighters not be pursued so that they can snag a damaged Gamilus fighter and its pilot. This they do which causes a big moral boost to the crew of the Yamato. Sado-sensei is tasked with examining the alien along with Analyzer. As many of the crew watch from an observation point, they are shocked to discover that a Gamilon looks to be human save for his blue skin. This enrages Susumu, who races down into the large examination room, grabs a knife, and moves to kill the frightened Gamilus fighter pilot.

In a flashback, we see Susumu as a child as the meteor bombs are just starting to hit Earth and the Earth Defense Force has been created to deal with this mysterious alien threat. Japan has not been hit by a meteor bomb, but Susumu’s older brother Mamoru has entered the Earth Defense Force Academy just the same. He’s now home on leave when the first meteor bomb finally hits Japan. More follow, one even causing Mt. Fuji to erupt. Mamoru is recalled to duty and in the aftermath of the devastation, Japan accelerates its construction of massive, underground cities.

Time passes and the destruction of Earth continues. Susumu’s parents have completed the paperwork to move to the underground city. Susumu pays Mamoru a visit on base. Mamoru tries to encourage him to join the Earth Defense Force. Susumu isn’t interested, being a pacifist. Sometime after this visit, Susumu’s parents head to the bus stop to meet Susumu, who’s coming home. However, a meteor bomb hits, killing them. Susumu, who’s bus was delayed in a crash, sees the mushroom cloud where his parents live. Returning to the area, he only finds the remnants of his mother’s dress.

Back in the present, Susumu is being restrained by fellow crew mates, and he drops the knife in tears. The Gamilus fighter pilot grabs the knife and tries to commit suicide, only to have Susumu quickly disarm him. Because the pilot is a low-ranking soldier, he doesn’t have a lot of intelligence to provide the crew of Yamato. As such, Captain Okita orders the pilot to be returned to his fighter and allowed to return since Okita doesn’t want to waste any more of their precious food supply on another mouth. Thus, the Gamilus pilot is returned to his fighter and given some food before he leaves.

Thoughts/Review: Enter the new sub-boss, Domel. The writers have established him to be this competent, seasoned general for whom taking care of a single ship will be like taking a vacation. How the writers continue to play him once he engages Yamato remains to be seen.

It was interesting seeing how Earth was at the start of the war with Gamilus. It was no surprise that Susumu’s parents would die in an attack.

BTW, if the people of Gamilus need a radioactive environment in order to live, how was the Gamilon pilot able to survive on Yamato? Also, if a meteor bomb is radioactive, how was Susumu able to enter the area so quickly after the blast? Well, I guess I should think about things like that.

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