Negima! Manga Vol 26 (Ch 233) *SPOILERS*

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 26 Chapter 233 (manga)
Mahou Sensei Negima! Manga Chapter 233

Summary/Synopsis: With the big boss having arrived and having put down all of Ala Rubra in short order, things look bad. Nagi tells Al to heal him up for at least 30-minutes and he’s joined by Mystery Kid, now known as “Zect,” whom Nagi refers to as “Oshishou” — “Master.” Rakan feels the terrible danger and tries to warn Nagi, who simply reminds Rakan that he’s the Thousand Master. The two take off while Al tends to the wounded. Somehow, Nagi defeats the unbeatable, ancient enemy.

After defeating the boss, Nagi sends a telepathic message to Al, telling him that the cerimony using the young princess (Asuna likely) has already started. The ceremony starts a spell which will destroy their world and seems impossible to stop. Princess Arika chastises Al for negative thinking and with the Hellas Princess leading one side and Ricardo leading the other side, the combined forces are able to put their magical abilities together to contain the energy sphere that would have destroyed them all. Ala Rubra are heroes with Rakan, Eishun, and Nagi receiving medals (and Nagi also gets a slap from Arika for showing disrespect).

The magical movie over, everyone is all excited and Setsuna is impressed by Eishun’s abilities that were shown. Paru begins wondering about Arika and Nagi being a couple which leads Rakan to say it is a secret. While he does confirm that Arika and Nagi weren’t a couple during the war, he implies they weren’t a couple (at least officially) after the war either due to their different social statuses.

Negi is crying about the story leading Shiori-Asuna to wonder why. He answers that Nagi was truly a Magister Magi. Chisame questions Rakan’s “Happy End” to the story considering all the problems still going on.

  • 20 Years Ago: War Ends
  • 20-10 Year Period: Nagi the hero wanders the world as a Magister Magi
  • 15 Years Ago: Eva enters Mahora Academy
  • 10 Years Ago: Nagi goes missing
  • Between 10 and 6 Years Ago:] Negi born
  • 6 Years Ago: Negi’s village is attacked
  • Present: Negi come to Mahora Academy

Rakan confirms that the biggest problem after the war was “them.”

Elsewhere in the ruins of Ostia, Anya is being held prisoner and needs to go to the bathroom. Fate’s “fire girl” denies her request leading the real Asuna to ask to have her let go. “Fire girl” (Homura I think her name is) tells Asuna that she should worry about herself. Asuna feels that Negi and Setsuna will soon rescue her, but “fire girl” says that they will come only if they know Asuna is missing.

Thoughts/Review: Somehow, I wonder if the final boss is actually dead or just put out of commission for a while. I somehow see Fate 3.0 as working for someone and Akamatsu-sensei may be following the path that has the big boss who was believed defeated not be quite dead yet. We’ll see what happens though.

Regardless, it is clear that Arika was not the final boss so there’s a theory shot down. People still want to think Zect is somehow tied to Fate, but I don’t buy that at all. It is interesting that Nagi referred to him as Master though. What’s more interesting is that Zect went into the fight with Nagi and is no where to be seen when Nagi wins, nor did I see him refered to anywhere else afterward. That strongly suggests to me that Zect was killed or somehow did something to sacrifice himself to allow Nagi to win the fight.

Also, did Arika and Nagi have a relationship? Well, Akamatsu-sensei is leaving that option open so that people will continue on and on about how she has to be Negi’s mother. Well, that may end up being the case or it may not. For now, I still hold my theory on Nagi turning himself into Negi until I see something that counters this. However, I won’t be publishing an article on why I think that’s so.

We now have it confirmed that Asuna is held captive and is held with Anya. I imagine Anya was held as a shield against Negi somehow and now Asuna can be used to destroy the world again. I keep wondering why Fate would be so interested in something in Ostia, which is why I think the big boss is somehow still there.

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2 Responses to “Negima! Manga Vol 26 (Ch 233) *SPOILERS*”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You know that”BAKA” punch (or so ppl’ve been calling it) Nagi used to the Final Boss? i think Zect somehow gave him that power and thus losing all his power. and then he was sealed together with the final boss? i dunno i’m just shooting stars here

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    And that may well be the answer. It will be interesting to find out for sure. ^_^

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