Dirty Pair 10

ダーティペア Episode 10

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

On Planet Caspia, King Louis VII has a heart attack. As such, Lovey Angels are dispatched to the planet to receive instructions from the government there. The king has died and it is being kept secret so that Prince Heace can be safely brought back from Planet Mordolin, where he is attending University. The reason for this is that a member of the royal family, Ruber, will become king if Heace also dies. Yuri and Kei take off for Mordolin in the hopes of getting in and out before Ruber discovers the truth, but they are already too late as a bribe to a nurse on Caspia has told him the truth.

At the university, Yuri and Kei are trying to sneak in through the outside of the dorm when an explosion happens in a room above them. It is the prince’s room and when they scramble inside, responding security bots attack them, causing them to eventually fall to the ground. Thinking the prince is dead, Kei and Yuri crawl away, only to run into the prince and two friends, who’d been out having a good time in secret at a disco. The 12-year old, genius Heace recognizes “Dirty Pair” (being addressed as such doesn’t please them) and agrees to go with them.

Taking the prince away in an air car, the trio soon come under attack from some of Ruber’s men. While Kei’s skillful driving causes their opponent to crash and be destroyed, their own car took too much damage and has to crash land. Kei has lost her earring and thus cannot call Lovely Angel and since Yuri’s earring is in the shop, they are stuck. Prince Heace takes off for the spaceport and since there is nothing else they can do, so do Yuri and Kei.

After walking all day, they find a cave to spend the night in, where Heace shows himself to be a gentleman. Yuri activates a piece of jewelry which turns into a super large sleeping pad w/ blanket. As they sleep, an intruder is stopped but revealed to be part of a caravan heading for the space port. They give the trio a place to sleep in one of the camper-things, but Kei is a bit suspicious. Yuri thinks that if these people were working for Ruber, they’d be dead already. Kei concedes and watches her mini TV, where a newscast reveals that they are being accused of impersonating 3WA agents and have kidnapped the prince for a large ransom.

It is then that a girl named Lita informs them that the others are going to turn them in for a reward. Since she’s tired of being stuck with this group, she wants in on the ransom. Heace looks suspiciously at Yuri and Kei, but the pair can’t really say the truth and still get out of there. Lita has two two-legged riding beasts and they are off. The members of the caravan discover they are missing and follow as do some of Ruber’s men. Yuri takes down a couple of Ruber’s sky cars and the caravan people take down the last as they want the reward. The cops also arrive to the relief of Yuri and Kei but the cops arrest Yuri and Kei as impostors. In their cell, they plead with Heace to get them out, which he promises to do after he goes out with Lita.


It is nice to get back to the Dirty Pair TV series after such an extended time away (darn my limitations on being able to view it).

Like much of Dirty Pair, the plot is simply a vehicle for the action. “The prince is being targeted by a relative looking to become king. Now go!”

Of course they go and the plot is pretty much forgotten in the quest to get the prince to safety. The writers appeared to decide to have some fun with this one by first removing Yuri and Kei’s access to their ship. That makes Yuri and Kei look dumb, but it didn’t matter. Then having Yuri and Kei targeted not only by Ruber’s men, but law enforcement and amateur bounty hunters adds to the wacky fun (to say nothing of Lita going for the ransom angle). So in the end, while things are pretty nutty in terms of a real story, the fun of things overcomes it.

Speaking of fun, as I watched this episode, I noticed something odd during the air-car chase scene. I went back and framed through and found a single frame with this on it.

*lol* Nice one. ^_^

The only troubling moment is when the cute little girl is handing her flowers to the king who then has a heart attack. I thought, “Man, if this were real life, how much would that affect that little girl over the rest of her life?” Whew.

In the end, a silly story, but fun and plenty of action with our girls overcomes that weakness.

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3 Responses to “Dirty Pair 10”

  1. Akira says:

    This is my least hated episode of the series. I felt it was trying to be written as a two-parter but they got bored and shrunken it down. They failed to write a story.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Sorry for the delay. This got caught up in the spam filter.

      It has been a while since I watched the episode, so I don’t remember if I felt there was more story that got shrunk down.

  2. Anisa says:

    thanks brother

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