Urusei Yatsura 91

うる星やつら episode 91 (TV anime)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Ataru is busted being handed papers during a mini-quiz and Onsen-sensei discovers the papers are votes where the guys in the class are voting for their favorite girl. The principle of Tomobiki High states that since there are no ugly girls at the high school, they should have a beauty contest and thus the Miss Tomobiki competition is born with a ¥150,000 prize. Lum, Ran, Sakura-sensei, Ryuunosuke, and Shinobu are in the competition as well as twins Eiko and Keiko. Each girl has massive supporters with tactics being used to try to win over supporters from each side or to form alliances. In the end, Lum, Ran, Sakura-sensei, Ryuunosuke, and Shinobu are in the final round.

The #1 girls of various other local high schools get into the act by allying themselves with the different finalist. Since Ataru has been named chief judge of the contest, the different factions begin offering Ataru bribes of various kinds. The girls from the other high schools even offer themselves for dating Ataru as part of the bribes. The Sakura-sensei faction tries to blackmail Ataru over this, but he has goods on them as well. So on the day of the contest, Ataru is no where to be found, having skipped town and heading for Okinawa with all the money to spend time with the hot, Okinawa babes.


This episode is a strange and wild roller coaster of a ride. At first, I didn’t think I’d care for the episode at all because honestly, I could care less about who wins a beauty contest. However, once I began to see that the point of the episode wasn’t the contest but what people would do to get their girl to win by sabotaging each other AND bribing Ataru, that’s where it became fun to me, like riding a wild roller coaster.

Soon, it became clear to me that the episode was near its end and there was no resolution in sight. So basically, this episode appears to be a filler episode because it doesn’t appear that next week there will be any repercussions from Ataru’s actions. Indeed, I figure that the next episode will be as if nothing happened in episode 90. That’s fine because I understand this happens in the series at times and providing the episode was fun (and it was), it is all good.

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