Kannagi 08

かんなぎ Episode 08
Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens 08

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

It is the monsoon season and thus it is raining one evening when Daitetsu shows up at Jin and Nagi’s house, soaked and locked out of his own house. While he’s waiting for his own clothing to dry, he can’t help but notice that Nagi and Jin don’t exactly act like brother and sister. He remembers Jin’s reaction to Nagi at the Maid Cafe and then imagines that the two must be in a forbidden love situation. He then imagines that Nagi is still dressed in her costume from the cafe and that Jin, now addressing her as “neesan,” soon ends up doing what brothers and sisters should never do.

Daitetsu confronts Jin about the true relationship between Jin and Nagi, forcing Jin to try to squirm and lie. Nagi hears this and a flying drop-kick to Jin puts an end to that conversation. Nagi gets onto Jin for being such a terrible liar. Jin points out that Nagi’s lies have holes in them, so Nagi counters by reminding Jin that she has other means of covering the truth. Daitetsu has heard the whole conversation and wonders what it means. He then imagines that Nagi is a dominatrix with Jin being basically her slave.

At dinner, Jin and Nagi try to act like brother and sister with Jin calling Nagi “Oneesan” but Daitetsu isn’t buying it. He seems to be catching on that Nagi is supernature by pointing out that Nagi looks a lot like the drawing Jin did for the carving. When Nagi learns that Daitetsu is the one who stole the sacred tree piece after the tree was cut down, she’s not happy and gives Daitetsu a beating over this, which he can’t understand. The two are now angry with each other and as such do not like each other.

That night, Daitetsu has a nightmare where he remembers Nagi’s threat of curses and such for those who steal sacred trees. He then sees her enter the room where he’s sleeping with an evil look on her face before he wakes up. He wants to talk to Jin, but Jin is gone and the electricity isn’t working. Daitetsu is freaking out and ends up running out of the house screaming. Jin, who’d been checking the circuit breaker, decides to have a word with Nagi about being to harsh on Daitetsu, only to discover she’s not in her bed nor in the house.

Meanwhile, Daitetsu has run up the hill to where the shrine used to be and as the storm rumbles overhead, he gets on the ground and bows, begging for forgiveness. A bolt of lightning, much like Nagi promised, strikes right at him, sending him flying. He hears a woman speaking of a girl and looks to see Nagi there with a different look on her face — one like a goddess. She’s standing in front of a large stump and pats Daitetsu on the head, telling him he doesn’t have to apologize. After speaking a few more words, she passes out and Daitetsu wonders if he’s encountered a god.

The next morning, Nagi is sneezing. Jin confronts her on the events of last night. At first she says she doesn’t remember, but then seems to remember a bit. Jin wants to know what she’s hiding and why she’s passing out. Nagi gets angry, telling the human to mind his place. So when Daitetsu and Jin walk to school, Jin tells Daitetsu Nagi doesn’t remember. Daitetsu thinks he almost understands what is going on, yet can’t quite put in arms around it. All through classes, he keeps wondering about it until he and Nagi run into each other in the Art Club room, where they assuming fighting poses as Tsugumi, Shino, and Hakako enter, having been discussing what appeared to be a falling out between Daitetsu and Jin earlier.


Yet another nice bit of wacky Kannagi fun. While there were many good laughs this episode, we saw a return of the serious, main plot with Nagi again behaving more like a kindhearted goddess with Daitetsu after he was struck by lightning, but then falling unconscious and apparently having little memory of the event. Actually, I’m not sure if Nagi totally forgets or if she kinda knows she does certain things but because she’s not in control of herself, she’s not happy about it. Still, it is puzzling that she’d get so mad both times Jin questions why she passes out after becoming kami-like. ‘Twill be interesting to see where that goes.

On the comedy front, I have to admit that Daitetsu’s over-active imagination had me laughing a lot. With him wanting some answers from Jin at school and that conversation being overheard, now I can’t help but wonder if we are going to get some boy-love jokes next episode. Still, I didn’t expect Nagi and Daitetsu to start taking a more hostile, yet still funny, attitude toward each other.

I really do hope FUNimation can land this anime.

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