Space Battleship Yamato 2 13

Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2 Episode 13
宇宙戦艦ヤマト2 Ep. 13 (TV, Anime)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Yamato approaches Planet Teresart, where they discover it to be a hollow planet. Teresa sends them a message to meet her in the underground city. Although Desler’s fleet has withdrawn from Teresart, there’s a very real possibility of enemy troops on the planet, so Susumu orders Saito and the Space Cavaliers to the surface. A military base on the surface opens fire, sending up a storm of missiles, but Yamato only takes minimal damage. Yamato returns fire with its own missile barrage and destroys the base, allowing Saito and his men to land safely. They travel in a single landing craft (a tracked shuttle/vehicle) where they discover that the city is in ruins and appears very much deserted.

Desler and his fleet return to the massive comet in route to Earth to report to Emperor Zwordar and find out why he was pulled from Teresart. While he and his aide wait, Sabera reports to the Emperor that Desler has simply fled from combat, possibly fearing Teresa. The Emperor has a hard time believing it, but not knowing Sabera’s treachery, he believes her story. He states he will take care of the matter, but Sabera offers to do that for him, reminding him that this sort of task falls under her jurisdiction. The Emperor agrees. Sabera and Gentitz meet where Sabera assures the general that all is going to plan. Further, she has assigned General Zavival to Teresart to meet Yamato’s forces. However, Desler’s need for vengeance might bring Teresa out on the side of the humans and since she’s so powerful, Sabera could not afford for Desler to do what he wished.

Back at Teresart, Susumu is frustrated that Saito hasn’t made contact with the ship and apparently is ignoring Yamato‘s hails. Finally, Saito responds and provides visual records of the ruined city. For him, this is a cake walk since there is no opposition. However, unbeknownst to them, they have been observed by General Zavival’s tank forces and Zavival is getting ready to spring the trap shut. As Saito and his men stop their vehicle and have lunch, Zavival attacks. The landing craft is destroyed and it appears that many of Saito’s men are killed, unable to take out a single tank. Saito radios for help from Yamato, so Susumu and Sanada take down a second landing craft.


No point commenting much on the political stuff going on with the Comet Empire and Sabera. I figure that somehow, Desler will manage to speak with the Emperor, the Emperor will learn the truth, and Desler will be back in the fight. It pretty much has to be that way.

While it is nice to see Saito and his Space Cavaliers have something useful to do, it is sad that basic military common sense is missing. I kept thinking, “Why hasn’t Yamato detected the enemy tanks when they are in orbit?” Of course, Saito’s cavalier attitude about the mission is pretty dumb too, all things considered. Heck, even though the Yamato crew gets points for at least acknowledging there could be a trap on the planet, they get no points for not supporting Saito’s forces from orbit. A few well-placed missiles would have taken out the entire tank force.

Oh well. Next episode, Susumu meets the enemy general. Won’t that be fun. ^_^

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