Urusei Yatsura 93

うる星やつら episode 93 (TV anime)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Shuutaro is in his palatial mansion having various dreams about Ataru when he’s awoken by Cherry. Cherry begins walking Shuutaro through various stories and events showing his rivalry with Ataru and his attempts to be with Lum. After breakfast, Ryoko tells Cherry that he can come back for dinner if he keeps messing with her brother as he has been. So, Cherry gets on board Shuutaro’s plane to go to school where he continues with the fictitious tales, showing how Shuutaro can never come between Lum and Ataru because their love is true, even if Ataru doesn’t always show it. In the end, Shuutaro accidentally falls out of his plane, crashing into his classroom where he decides to take out his anger on Ataru. Unfortunately for Shuutaro, Lum is there to defend Ataru, which she does with a vengeance.


I don’t think that even if I were richer than rich that I’d sleep in such a giant room, nor would I have said room filled with military equipment like tanks, fighter jets, and the like. Granted, I realize this scene in Shuutaro’s room is done to emphasize the point that he’s wealthier than you can likely imagine, but I also know that some people with tons of wealth can be rather eccentric.

This episode of Shuutaro dreaming and obsessing over Ataru as well as Ataru being with Lum is just…well, weird and kinda tedious at times. I have to say that seeing Cherry being walked like a dog on a leash with a bunch of small octopi just cracked me up. I did like the one Cherry story where it is a snowy Christmas Eve and Ataru wants to take a romantic walk with Lum.

Still, a mostly uninspired episode is easy to blog about because I don’t have to write much. ^_^

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2 Responses to “Urusei Yatsura 93”

  1. Brian says:

    Yeah, I wonder if the snowy Christmas part of that episode is a clip from “Pitter Patter Christmas Eve”, which is my favorite Urusei Yatsura episode of all time (I think ep 10)…definitely a great series, will need to watch it again one of these days…

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I thought I recognized the image. However, I don’t think that in episode 10, it was the future and they were married, were they?

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